Insecurity can be one of the greatest factors which ruins a relationship. Those who have difficulties decoding the feelings of their significant other may ask for the help of others.

In the majority of cases these tips can be implemented in their life, however, there are also some guidelines which can trigger serious conflicts and undermine a strong bond. The secret to preserve the harmony in your life as a couple is to make sure you don’t listen to bad relationship advice.

1. Pretend to Be Inferior to Boost His Ego

Some people think that a woman should be inferior to a man in order to fuel his ego. This is one of the silliest tips you should definitely avoid. Guys love to be impressed by the intelligence of a girl even if it seems sometimes a bit intimidating. They get bored of dumb girls sooner than of those who are clever and have a witty response to all their questions.

2. Lie to Avoid Hurting Him

Your friends can give you this misleading advice anytime. However, the secret of a long-lasting relationship is honesty. Why play a role when you’re together if you trust your boyfriend enough to tell him the truth about yourself.

Build your life as a couple around honest conversations. Show him that he’s important to you and you’re ready to confess all your mistakes from the past and present.

3. Don’t Move In Before Marriage

It is a common misconception that living together before marriage can ruin your relationship. Actually, according to love gurus this is one of the crucial tests you should definitely put your relationship to.

Living with another person in the same room and house can be often exhausting especially if you haven’t seen the dark side yet. Consider all your options and if you’re ready to take all the risks of this test, go for it!

4. Your Boyfriend Should Never See You In an Ugly State

This is actually fun, if you decide to implement this trick into your love life. Waking up hours earlier to surprise him with your made-up self or pretending to be always super-healthy when you’re together can become exhausting. In order to have an honest relationship, it is important to show him your vulnerable side which is not that intimidating as an always perfect and FAKE look.

5. Changing Your Boyfriend

This is one of the worst relationship tips anyone can give you. Changing your cutie using various techniques will eventually backfire. Therefore, let your personality and your emotions influence him and turn him into a better person who suits your preferences. You definitely don’t want a boyfriend who is insecure and has no strong will.

6. Let Him Tell You ‘I Love You’ First

Play hard to get with your sweetie only if you’re still in the initial dating phase of your relationship. After a while, emotions become stronger and you’ll feel whether your bond reached the next level. In this case it is not necessary to wait for him to tell you the magical words. You can also take the initiative if you’re absolutely sure about your and your cutie’s feelings.

Bad Relationship Tips

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