Happy couples often have to work hard to keep the flame of their love. In order to make sure you do your best to please your partner and get the same respect, kindness and appreciation back, it is important to stay open-minded to time-tested relationship tricks.

The following 6 things guys just can’t get enough of will offer you an insight into the parade of gestures and acts men appreciate the most. Use the professionally inspired methods to preserve the harmonious atmosphere of your life as a couple.

No.1 Watching You During Your Beauty Routine

Numerous studies demonstrated that men are fond of watching their partner during her beauty routine. This is a private sphere and guys will feel like they’ve entered a secret room. In order to stay attractive, be sure to let him watch you while you apply your makeup or skin care products. Do it with grace and refinement!

No.2 If You Pretend You Just Met

This is one of the funniest acts guys simply adore. If you manage to come up with questions that create the perfect context for a first-date-style night, you’ll have the magic key to success.

Don’t forget that there are still a few things you don’t know about your partner. Improve your relationship with versatile and fascinating activities that offer you the chance to know each other more. Keep monotony at a bay with a few simple ‘find love’ tips.

No.3 The Silence

Silent moments between partners might seem pretty upsetting. However, a series of studies demonstrated that men are fond of these.

The explanation behind a guy’s need to enjoy the silence is the fact that he considers his girlfriend relaxed enough to skip subjects as fashion, sitcoms and gossips in order to fill the pause. Keep this trick in mind to make sure you have a harmonious relationship.

No.4 Girls Without Time-lines

Living in the moment can be relaxing and saves men from the pressure of marriage and other responsibilities. Girls who manage to keep deadlines for themselves will have ultimate success in relationships. Freedom is a buzzword in the mind of men, therefore it is wise to talk about subjects you can deal with in the present.

No.5 Compliments

Guys use compliments as the secret weapon to make women feel more attractive. However, it is also important to mention that they also love to receive praise-words, especially when it comes to their appearance. Looking good is one of the greatest ambitions of men, therefore they seem to melt when they hear a few compliments from their partner. Don’t be scrimp and pamper your boyfriend with a few nice words.

Guys Simple Can

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