Pro love gurus are ready to provide you with the newest tricks on how to improve your relationship. There’s no need to pay for expensive counseling with a professional therapist.

Instead, read through our helpful advice on how to solve your problems on your own. Save yourself from embarrassing and annoying situations and learn about the people you should never talk to about your love life and relationship problems.

No.1 The Single Friend

You should definitely listen to the advice of your single friend in order to make them feel important in your life. However, these people are not the best advisers for an ‘all-about-my-love-life’ style discussion. They can often become subjective and forget the fact that the idea is to solve the problem and not to seek revenge with a ‘girlpower’ movie or a wild girls’ night out.

No.2 The Married Friend

In this case we must mention that we excluded friends who settled because they were in love and considered it the best thing that could happen to them.

However, there are also other friends who decided to marry the guy they have been dating for long years in order to take this relationship to the next level. These people will tell you that your problem is not that severe and wait until it gets worse.

No.3 The ‘I tell you what you want to hear’ Style Friend

Those friends who want to please you to the extremes will definitely tell you what you want to hear and not the truth.

Notice whether you can really count on some of your friends who have real problems telling their own opinion. Their insecurity will definitely make you even more worried.

No.4 The Golddigger Friend

People who care more about their financial status than feelings will definitely become the worst partners for an intimate and serious discussion. Our advice is to skip approaching these friends with any of your problems related to your love life. They will be either indifferent or cynical.

No.5 The ‘I told you so’ Friend

Avoid revealing any details about your love life to friends who can be really critical of relationships. Save yourself from an ‘I told you so’ type of discussion and confess only a decent part of your dilemma and then listen to their advice.

Friends Never Talk To About Your Love Life

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