Am I sabotaging my relationship? Here’s the question that’s on most women’s lips. Every time a relationship ends, we start looking for culprits, but sometimes it turns out we’re the ones sabotaging our relationships.

Expecting Too Much

Expecting too much from your partner is one of the signs you are sabotaging your relationship. You should try to be realistic and start separating real life from romantic comedies’ plots. So, be careful because having unrealistic expectations is one of the ways you are sabotaging your relationship with your partner.

Being Trapped in the Past

Being trapped in the past should be also included among our signs you are sabotaging your relationship. Your ex probably hurt you so bad that now you tend to generalize and think all men are the same. But they aren’t, so you need to start giving your partner some credit and trust him. If you don’t do that, you’ll probably be one of those women sabotaging their relationships. So we suggest leaving the past behind and focus on the present and the future.

Expecting Too Much Of Your Partner

Keeping Score

Keeping score is definitely one of the ways you are sabotaging your relationship. The real issue behind this attitude is that you somehow feel misunderstood and unappreciated. This being said, women sabotaging relationships will keep a score of what they’ve done so far for their couple’s well being and how their partners responded to their actions. Instead, we recommend talking to each other and sorting things out.

Don’t Settle!

One of the signs you are sabotaging your relationship is settling for something less than what you really want. Think of what you really like and go after it! So, if you want a serious commitment, don’t accept something casual just because you enjoy his company. And don’t allow these signs of sabotaging relationships get to you.

Stay True To Yourself

Stay True to Your Beliefs

Don’t try to change who you are just because you want him to love you. He should accept and love your true self. This way, you’ll stay true to your beliefs and your relationship will be based on real support. Plus, you’ll get rid of all the signs you are sabotaging your relationship.

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