If you want to know what secrets men hide, then you should take a look at our list of secrets men keep from women for different reasons: they either want to avoid a fight or simply want to protect themselves.

No Interest In Details

Men simply don’t care about all those details women are fascinated by when telling a story. This is one of the secrets women don’t know about men. Their mind is simple, so they tend to generalize instead of particularizing, as women usually do. And if you want to keep your man’s interest up, we suggest skipping all the unnecessary details when telling a story. It’s always great to know what secrets men hide, isn’t it?

Hating Household Work

You probably didn’t know, but one of the secrets men keep from women is the fact that they actually hate being the only ones doing the dirty work around the house. They feel like they’re being exploited by their partners, but they keep this a secret because they don’t want to upset you. So, after finding out one of the secrets about men, we recommend showing him some appreciation and offer to help him.

Men Hate Housework

Needing Confirmation They’re Still Attractive

Although men don’t show it, they also feel insecure about their looks and one of the secrets about men every woman should know is the fact that men want to be desired by women and still look attractive in their eyes. Despite not showing you this, they’d love your compliments. Taking into consideration this secret about men, you should show your significant other how much you love him and how lucky you are to have found him.

Checking Out Other Ladies

Do you want to know what’s one of the most common secrets men keep from women? The fact that they’re stare at other women too. It’s in their instinct to check other women out, so we’d suggest not pressuring them. Knowing what secrets men hide and showing your partner you trust him will make your man appreciate you even more.

Admiring His Strength

The Need for Some Time Alone

This is probably one of the most important secrets about men every woman should know. After a hard day at work, your man does not like to discuss in detail upon what he did all day long. Instead, he might want to spend some alone time and just relax. This being said, he’ll appreciate if you let him enjoy his quiet moments once in a while.

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