If you’re still not sure he’s the right guy for you, you should definitely check out our list of signs you have a good man at your side.

Mutual Respect

One of the greatest signs you’re in a healthy relationship is mutual respect. We think it’s very important to show him that you’re respecting the decisions he’s taking and you’re showing him your support. Of course, this applies also to him. So, if you’re searching for signs you have a good relationship, check if your connection is based on mutual respect.


Honesty is on top of the list of signs you have a good man at your side. If you want your relationship to go smoothly, you should be honest with each other and try not to build your partnership on lies. We suggest telling what’s bothering you instead of being dishonest. We guarantee you’ll feel better afterwards because only together you can reach the perfect solution for your couple and have a good relationship.

Happy Relationship

You Can’t Wait to See Each Other

If you’ve already started counting the hours until seeing him, this means you’re in a healthy relationship. This is probably one of the most important signs you have a good relationship in our opinion because when you love someone, it’s perfectly normal to miss him, and usually the time spent apart makes your reunion even sweeter.

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Him What You Feel

During a date with your girlfriends, one of them asks you: ‘Do you have a good relationship with your boyfriend?’. Although at first this might take you by surprise, just think about it. If both of you are not afraid to show your feelings, then this is clearly one of the signs you’re in a healthy relationship. A good relationship is also characterized by the need of sharing your thoughts and fears with your partner.

Showing Feelings

Do I Have a Good Relationship?

One of the key answers to this question is loving yourself in order to be able to share your feelings with someone else. This could be the only way you’ll know the true meaning of giving and receiving. So, if your partner is self confident, he’ll also help you boost your confidence and trust your own instincts when taking important decisions. This being said, loving and accepting yourself is also on our list of signs you have a good relationship.

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