Sometimes it happens to fall for your best friend’s ex and,when these feelings are mutual, it’s even harder to make up your mind. Unfortunately, dating your friend’s ex boyfriend can turn out to be a bad move from your part, so you should check out our 4 reasons not to date your best friend’s ex before making up your mind.

Reason Not Dating Your Friend’s Ex: The End of Your Friendship

One of the most important reasons not to date your best friend’s ex is because doing so might also mean the end of your friendship. Your friend will probably feel betrayed by both of you and it might seem weird seeing together one of her closest friends and someone she used to care for. However, if your feelings for that guy are strong, we suggest being honest with your friend and telling her how you feel. She’ll probably feel hurt, but she’ll appreciate your honesty.

End Of Friendship

Date Your Best Friend’s Ex Boyfriend: Weird Relationship

Another great reason to be included among the reasons not to date your best friend’s ex is the weirdness that might interfere between you and this guy. While they were dating, your friend probably told you a lot of things about him, so now you already know what are his likes and dislikes. This might cause some tension between the two of you, because he might feel somewhat insecure and exposed. This being said, we suggest having this reason in mind in order to avoid future misunderstandings and weirdness that might come along with this new relationship.

Is It Wrong to Date Your Friend’s Ex? Social Outcasts

Dating your friend’s ex might not mean just losing her as a friend, it might also mean losing other friends as well. It’s like in a pack: when a member’s hurt, the others will do their best to protect him or her. So, is it wrong to date your friend’s ex? Here’s what we suggest: think carefully if he’s truly worth causing pain to your friend. Then, you’ll find the answer regarding dating your friend’s ex.

Weird Relationship

Dating Your Friend’s Ex: No Relationship Advice from Her

When you date your best friend’s ex boyfriend, you might end up losing her as a confidant. She was the one you used to call every time you needed relationship advice and now you’ll no longer be able to do so because things between the two of you inevitably changed. This is probably one of the most important reasons not to date your best friend’s ex.

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