A marriage proposal is a special moment in the life of a couple. It’s the beginning of your happily ever after, a story you will want to share with your children in later years. To make it a truly unforgettable story, browse through our romantic ideas for marriage proposal.

1. Coup de Theatre

Looking for original marriage proposal ideas? Invite her to a play and arrange it with the stage manager to allow you to pop the question after the curtain call.

2. Comic Book Style

Pondering on funny marriage proposal ideas? You could enlist the help of a street caricaturist, asking him to sketch a picture of you two, complete with word bubbles. Yours will read, “Will you marry me?” and hers can be “???” or “Yes!”

3. Treasure Hunt

As creative marriage proposal ideas go, you can never go wrong with a treasure hunt. Start off with a simple clue, then send her on a tour of your favorite hang-out spots. The prize should be you on one knee, ring in hand.

Paris Marriage Proposal

4. On Cloud Nine

If you’re planning to fly anytime soon, enlist the help of the flight attendants and propose to her using the plane’s loudspeaker system.

5. Under the Sea

Looking for creative marriage proposal ideas? You could always arrange with the divers at an aquarium to put on an underwater proposal show, holding up a handwritten sign that says, “Will you marry me?”.

6. Coming Soon

Pondering on creative marriage proposal ideas? If she’s into movies, you could shoot a video in which you propose and get your neighborhood theater to run it during the previews.

7. Game of Trivia

A great way to propose is during a trivia game. When it’s her turn, say casually “Your question is: Will you marry me?”.

8. Spelling Bee

Tying to find creative marriage proposal ideas? Spell out the proposal where she least expects to see it – you could use alphabet refrigerator magnets, glow-in-the dark stars or “ransom note” lettering.

Guy Popping The Question

9. Path of Love

A romantic way to propose is to trace a path that guides her to the engagement ring. You could scatter rose petals from the front door to the bedroom or make a trail of candles to lead her to the ring.

10. Solve the Puzzle

Wrecking your brains to find creative marriage proposal ideas? How about a personalized puzzle? Use a blank puzzle kit to write out your proposal, break it up and have her solve it.

11. Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates

A sweet way to propose: hide the ring in a box of chocolates. When she opens it, get down on one knee and pop the question.

12. Sleeping Beauty Style

Looking for romantic and creative marriage proposal ideas? A great way to do it is to slip the ring on her finger while she’s sleeping. Wake her up with champagne or breakfast in bed.

13. Love Letter

A romantic proposal idea: Write her a love note with the proposal, hide it into her favorite book and casually leave it on her bedside table. When she comes across the note, surprise her with the ring.

14. Airport Proposal

Pondering on creative marriage proposal ideas? If your sweetheart is a frequent flier, wait her up at the airport with friends and family holding up signs that spell out “Will you marry me?”.

15. Beach Proposal

Looking for creative marriage proposal ideas? Take her to the beach, tell her not to look while you’re drawing out something for her and write the proposal on the sand.

Creatibe Beach Marriage Proposal

16. Surprise Trip

A great way to propose is by taking her on a surprise trip. When you get to the destination – ideally a romantic, secluded spot, pop the question.

17. With This Ring

Trying to find creative marriage proposal ideas? A simple yet effective way to surprise her is to replace her everyday ring with the engagement ring, while she’s sleeping.

18. On Top of the World

Looking for creative marriage proposal ideas? Take her on a hot air balloon ride and propose as you are watching the world through the clouds. It will be even more romantic if you do it at sunset.

19. Jump!

If you’re the adventure-seeking type, take her bungee jumping. Arrange to have the proposal spelled out below, saying something like “Will you marry me? Jump for yes!”, and reveal it when she gets to the top.

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