In the following article we will present you some specific signs of a controlling boyfriend that we hope can help you find an answer to your question.

Signs He’s Controlling

One sign would be insecurity. This is usually the type that plays mind games and asks tricky questions. His objective? He tries to make you confuse and you will provide him with contradictory answers that eventually will make you feel as the bad element of the relationship.

How to tell if your boyfriend is controlling? When he starts choosing your friends and tells you whom to see or not. You might end up alone and lose all your friends eventually if you choose to listen only to him.

Arguing Couple

Sometimes it’s very nice that he cares about you and what you are doing. But when he starts interrogating you, this is clearly a sign that he’s very controlling. This type of guy is capable of stalking you, he can just show up at your office to see whom you are with because you have not replied to his texts sent in less than an hour.

A little jealousy is always welcome in a couple because this is a way of showing that you care. You should however be careful because controlling men transform this into obsession which is a disease.

Another sign is your lack of freedom. You just have to ask permission to do the things you like because you consider him to be the best thing that could ever happen to you. Well, this is wrong because no one is perfect.

Among the signs your boyfriend is controlling is your lack of independence. Suddenly, your boyfriend knows all the time what’s best for you. He will try to manipulate you into thinking that he is right and when you try to make a decision on your own, he will see only flaws, when in fact, there aren’t.

A controlling boyfriend is never at fault. He will always blame you or others for his failures, but when it comes to you making a mistake, he will make sure to point that out several times.

Accusing Boyfriend

He will hate seeing you having fun with your friends without him. He will even act all grumpy and sad and blame you for “ignoring him all night”.

This man will try and show you that you are not capable of doing things on your own. He will find flaws and will make you believe that he’s your savior.

Moreover, he might even want to know the password for your e-mail, Facebook or Instagram account because he wants to know everything about you.

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