Like any other great thing in life, a happy relationship is hard to maintain. No matter how strong your feelings are, if you break the main rules for a good relationship, you could lose a great shot to the love of your life. There are things a good relationship needs and signs of a happy relationship that even experts in couple therapy acknowledge and promote, after years of experience in the intimate relationships field.

Here are a few tips for a good relationship that could help you enjoy a truly magical love with your soul mate!

Don’t Lie

The biggest mistakes made by people in love are lying to each other, especially at the beginning of the relationship. Lies always come out to the surface, they kill trust and, eventually, vanish respect and love.

Say ‘I’m Sorry’

One of the main rules for a happy relationship is to say you’re sorry. Don’t focus on who’s right or wrong, you’re not competitors, you play on the same team. Learn to let go!

Never Stop Dating

Don’t Complain

Be positive and don’t complain about everything in your life. If you must free your soul, talk to a friend. If you need change in your relationship, ask for solutions, not mercy.


When you don’t know what your lover is thinking, just ask. Make sure all the communication channels stay open, otherwise you can both drown in your own silence.

Eat and Exercise Like You Were Single

Don’t take your partner’s love for granted. Take care of the way you look and feel, he’ll always be attracted to you, and you’ll be confident enough not to be jealous or frustrated.

Be Adventurous

Boredom is not among the things a good relationship needs. Learn a new language together, plan a trip, change restaurants, make love in crazy places or just do something different every day.

Fight Politely

Fights are constructive for a good relationship because they take out frustration and stimulate solution seeking. When you argue with your lover, remember to always be polite and respect him. No matter how angry or proud you are, control your language and don’t hurt his feelings, especially in public. He’ll love you for your kindness and elegance, especially if it is shown during difficult times.

Make Time for Cuddling

You only need a few seconds to start your day with a smile. Hug, kiss and caress your lover as often as you can, even if it doesn’t lead to sex. This way, you are both “invaded” by oxytocin, the happy hormone, that gives you the strong and happy relationship feeling.

Make Time For Cuddling


If you want to receive, first offer! There is no spare place for selfishness in a good relationship, so always be willing to give, without asking nothing in return.

Never Stop Dating

No matter how long you live together, never stop dating. The best signs of a happy relationship are those special moments spent together, in intimacy, eating at a fancy restaurant or taking a walk in the park, just talking, laughing, holding hands and sharing feelings.

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