Whether you’ve planned a romantic dinner at home or you wish to spend the first date at a public party event, the point is to make sure you don’t underestimate the power of music. Listening to your favorite bands and performers can reveal a few hints about your personality.

The different genres offer you the chance to send subtle messages to your friends and potential partners. In order to make the best first impression find out what your taste in music says about you on a date.

Kanye West: You have style and you know how to use your sex-appeal to seduce your cutie.

Radiohead: You’re depressed but willing to get help from anyone.

John Mayer: You just love romance and those smoochy whispers.

Rihanna: You’re aware of your sex-appeal and seductive power.

Foo Fighter: You’re not bothered by being ‘not like the others’.

Nicki Minaj: There’s always room for a crazy plan to have fun.

Coldplay: You’re ready for a smoochy adventure with lots of eye contact.

Green Day: You’re ready to conquer the world and join the army of rebels.

Lady Gaga: ‘This is only a poker face which masks a pretty likable person.’

Adele: ‘There ain’t no room in my bed’ if you dare to hurt me.

Justin Bieber: ‘Love me and I promise ‘we will never, ever, ever be apart’

Kid Cudi: ‘I’m on the pursuit of happiness’ join me on this cool adventure.

Ne-Yo: ‘Looking for the perfect gentleman who knows I’m Miss Independent’

Paramore: ‘Show me some punked-up love’

Miley Cyrus: ‘Let me rock your world’ and ‘with a new attitude everything can change’

Lil’ Wayne: ‘I’m ready to live out my wildest fun fantasies’.

Linkin Park: ‘Let’s leave out all the rest’ and ‘drown me with your love’.

What Your Taste In Music Says About You on A Date

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