Flirting and dating is definitely not easy as uncertainty is something that most people can not feel comfortable facing. However, with a little bit of effort and with the right attitude you’ll find dating extremely pleasant. In the right company you’ll have a blast, but keep in mind that there are certain things that are best kept private, especially for the first couple of dates.

Certain things can be misunderstood or interpreted, especially when you’re talking to someone that doesn’t really know anything about your personality. The best way to ensure the date is going great is to relax and avoid talking about the following things that are not a good idea to be dished on your first date.

Dieting and exercising is definitely good if you’re going the healthy way, but that is definitely not something your date wants to hear on your first date. Everyone will appreciate your healthy lifestyle choice, but on your first date try to find other pleasant ways to explore each other’s personalities. A person that talks too much about themselves and their body is most likely not going to be asked on a second date.

Your ex boyfriend/girlfriend is definitely a No – No subject as no one wants to hear you complain or brag about your ex. Talking about your ex might make you seem still way too attached and that usually scares people off. Talk to your friends about failed relationships for starters.

Your sexual experience is a subject that you want to avoid especially on your first date if you don’t want to create the impression you’re slutty. Guys find girls to be more attractive if they maintain a more mysterious allure which enables them to fantasize.

Every girl loves shopping, but your date will most definitely not care where you shop and what you bought this week. If you want to go on a shopping spree together one day, make sure you don’t seem to be a shopaholic on your first date.

Don’t be super excited about your drink and talk about the numerous cocktails you find delicious or you’ve had last weekend, as you don’t want to give the impression you like alcohol way too much. Plus make sure you don’t have too many drinks as getting tipsy on your first date isn’t sexy.

Money is definitely a subject that you should stay away from. You don’t want to create the impression you’re a ‘material girl’ or that you’re too rich or too poor. You’ll find out what you want to know eventually.

Don’t talk about your personal problems as you might appear like a person that likes to whine and complain too much, and men find this a turn off. When you’re on your first date try to discover the other person’s preferences and not talk about you and your problems too much.

Marriage is a subject that you should definitely stay away from at least for a couple of months as you don’t want to scare your date off. Everyone wants to walk on the aisle at one point, but you don’t want to look like you’re desperate to get married.

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