So ladies, prepare yourselves to find out what men find attractive in a woman, what they appreciate and what can be a complete turn off.

Firstly, it is very hard to know what men think, because each individual has his own perspective about life and about how things should be.

We have however done some research and we found out what were the types they were most attracted to and, therefore, what men want. Are you prepared to find out more? Perfect! Let’s get started!

The Best Friend

Many men would love their lady to be the one to whom they can share their concerns and they expect unconditional support from their significant other. It is very important for partners to share their issues and try to solve them together.

The Independent Woman

Men don’t like women to depend on them. They love those ladies that know what they want in life, that have their own career and hobbies. It’s always great to get the chance to share new passions and get to learn new things together. Also, why spend every minute together? You might end up suffocating each other.

The Sweet Beauty

Woman Men Find Attractive

Most men feel attracted to women that are sweet and caring. They also love a good sense of humor, so, if you are one of those ladies that know how to handle problems with a big smile on your face, you’re just perfect! Also, what better way to face an embarrassing situation than with a funny joke up your sleeve?

The Pressure Free Lady

Most men tend to react badly when it comes to pressure. They don’t like to be forced to do things they don’t enjoy. Our advice would be to allow your man some privacy. We all need our alone time once in a while. So it would be better not to call him or send him texts every hour.

Miss Equality

If you are one of those women that think that men and women are equal, you’re just a sweet treat for most of men. They love a woman that has the same rights and responsibilities as them and that just don’t take chivalry for granted. We no longer live in an era where only men should provide for the well-being of the family, we live in one where women work hard because they want to have a successful career.

The Voice of Reason

According to men, wise women are very attractive. Why? Because they are mature, they know what they want and they say what’s on their mind. Moreover, maturity helps you deal with some bad situations calmly and wisely, without there being any need for drama. However, this type of woman is also the one that says what she doesn’t like and when she sees a bad behavior, she will speak her mind, because she wants to change things for the better.

The Sexy Lady

Man Flirting With Woman

Sexy without being trashy – this is what men find physically attractive. All women have parts of their body that they like and parts they hate. So, it would be better to highlight your best physical assets in a sexy, yet lady-like manner, because you would not like for your man to feel embarrassed by other men’s comments. Men love women that behave and dress like a lady.

The Well Mannered Woman

Nothing is more embarrassing than a dinner with your significant other’s family where you make a fool out of yourself. This is definitely a turn off for men, as it is for women. So, a good and well mannered lady will always be a better option than one lacking style.

The Best Supporter

Happy Couple

Ladies, your men would love your unconditional support. They like to be complimented on their looks and achievements, so, if you wish to keep the harmony in your relationship, you know what to do. They will surely appreciate your initiative, we bet!

The Great Personality Lady

Men are not only attracted by looks, they are also attracted by women with a great personality. Be yourself and impress your partner with your creativity and intelligence. They love smart women that know plenty of things and can carry a conversation on different topics. This way, your dates will be amazing and unforgettable!

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