There’s no question about love being a real, strong emotion, but how about chemistry? Is it a physical phenomenon with sparks and butterflies or a chemical reaction dictated by pheromones, odorless substances all mammals produce to get into the “love making” mood. Turns out scientists approve the existence of chemistry between two people and the link between falling in love and good chemistry.

Definition of Chemistry Between Two People

Ever since we reach our dating age, it’s quite clear to us what’s the definition of chemistry between two people. It’s a feeling of romantic spark, sexual energy, obvious attraction and the feeling you belong next to the one you fall in love with. Butterflies in the stomach, nervous energy, blushing, passion and other positive feelings we may experience towards a “special someone” describe best what good chemistry between a man and a woman means.

In other words, the chemistry between a man and a woman is the name given to all emotions and physical symptoms associated to feeling attracted by someone and wanting an intimate relationship with him.

Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People

Signs of Chemistry Between Two People

Don’t expect good chemistry to appear with fireworks and loud soundtracks, sometimes the signs of chemistry between two people are more subtle and hard to notice at first. Being an invisible connection, the signs of chemistry are felt, not seen.

The fist sign of good chemistry between a man and a woman is a real feeling of sexual attraction and strong magnetism that rises in the presence of the potential love partner. Other signs of chemistry between two people are the significant enthusiasm of being near someone, accelerated pulse stimulated by the adrenaline production, nervousness, weakness of the knees, impulsive gestures and the need to please the other.

The falling in love phase starts after the first signs of chemistry between two people when the initial rush is replaced by a feeling of sanity. Now the chemistry between a man and a woman brings a feeling of lightness and comfort, the pleasure of spending time together and get to know one another.

The positive mental state and physical excitement is fueled by the things two people find they have in common, making the chemical attraction even more powerful. If the sexual passion is nurtured by a mental compatibility, affection starts building up and the desire to transform the initial flirting into a serious, long-term relationship.

Good Chemistry Between A Man And A Woman

Chemistry Between Two People and Pheromones

The signs of chemistry that are easy to recognize by the physical symptoms of sexual attraction might be explained by the existence of pheromones, chemical signals launched by an individual through air which affect the physiology and behavior of other members of the same species.

Although pheromones were once associated with the mating rituals in mammals, scientists have discovered that human pheromones are important too and they make chemistry between two people happen.

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