You’ve probably wondered at least once what is a good way to ask a guy out. Not anymore, as we’ve gathered some good tips that will help you out throughout your quest.

Ways to Ask a Guy Out

It has become very common nowadays for women to ask men out. First of all, you should find the right place to ask him out. We’re talking about the water fountain, the hallway or just the sports field, after his practice. You should go for an isolated place and choose the perfect time when he looks rather relaxed than stressed.

You can take him somewhere private because this way you will both feel more comfortable. Sometimes, people tend to be dishonest when they ‘re accompanied by their friends, so you might want to avoid that.

First Date

Then, if his answer is that long-awaited “YES”, you should prepare for the proper date. It’s better to search for interesting date ideas and plan a date. This way you will avoid some unnecessary stress while you’re on the actual date, because you’ll know exactly where to take him and what you’re planning to do. You should do some diggings, find out what he likes and choose one of his favorite activities for your first date. He will probably be flattered by your interest in him.

Always have an exit plan! You should always be prepared for a negative response. Just think of something else to ask him if you see he’s not in the mood to get asked out. Choose a common topic, such as weather, work or environment so that it will not seem weird you came to see him. Be confident and find a way to leave when the time is perfect: pretend you have to meet someone else, or that you still have a lot of work to do.

If you’re more likely a shy person, here’s how to ask a guy out subtly. You should go for the ‘extra ticket trick’. How does it work? Just buy two tickets to see a movie (opt for an action or drama themed one and not romance) or a concert, that is, something that you think will grab the attention of the guy you plan to go out with. Then, when you start talking to the guy, you should subtly mention the event and add: ‘Yeah, my friend bailed on me again. If you’re interested, I’ve got one extra’. Make it sound casual and wait for his answer.

Concert Tickets For A Date

Or mention to your guy that you and a bunch of friends are going out bowling, dinner or even to the movies and ask him if he’d like joining the group. He might love the idea and come along.

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