Do you often ask yourself “Will I be alone forever?” ? Here are some of the most common reasons why a beautiful and intelligent woman is still single.

Why Am I Single?

1. Your standards are too high.

One of the most frequent reasons why some women are still single is because they set the bar too high. It’s great to have high standards. Under no circumstances should you settle for less than you deserve. However, make sure your standards are realistic.

2. You’re too negative.

Are you pessimistic or do you always find something to complain about? Such an attitude would certainly explain why you are still single. No man is going to want a relationship with a woman who is never pleased or who sees the world through dark-tinted glasses.

Girl Screaming At Guy

3. You’re going after the wrong guy.

It’s the old story. Many women are still single because they’re constantly going after the wrong guy. If you find yourself constantly drawn to the charming debonair type of man, bear in mind such men love the thrill of the chase and will definitely not be in it for the long haul.

4. You’re not a good listener.

Most of us don’t know how to listen. You should take in not only what people say, but also how they say it – body language, tone, eye contact, etc. More often than not, what is conveyed non-verbally is more important than what is actually said.

5. You don’t take care of yourself.

Trust us, men do care about this. We’re not saying you should look straight out of a photo shoot, but basic things like keeping fit, wearing nice clothes and a bit of makeup do help. If your usual look is a casual outfit and no makeup, don’t ask yourself why you’re still single.

6. You’re hung up on an ex.

A common reason why some women are still single is the fact they haven’t given up on an ex. Whether you’re still seeing him on and off or still fantasize about him, being hung up on an ex is preventing you from opening up to the promise of a new relationship.

Undecisive Single Woman

7. You’re being judgmental and insecure.

Men do not feel at ease around women who are judgmental of other people. Such an attitude is usually an expression of insecurity, which is certainly not an appealing quality in either sex.

8. You don’t actually want a relationship.

Whether you admit it or not, you may actually be still single because, deep down, that’s how you prefer it. You may be enjoying your freedom too much or simply be afraid of commitment.

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