Spending Valentine’s Day alone can be a pity party where you’re the guest of honor if you decide to ignore the bright side of being single on Valentine’s Day. Try some of the best Valentine’s Day ideas for singles that can help you have a fun day even if you’re not in a relationship right now.

Being single on Valentine’s Day can get you down, but not if you get some perspective on your life. Count your blessings and remind yourself there’s no point in wallowing in sadness: happy people are more attractive and have higher chances of finding love.

Get Yourself in a Good Mood

The biggest downside to spending Valentine’s Day alone is having to deal with unwanted feelings of sadness and inadequacy. Fight them off by listing all the benefits of being single: less responsibilities, more time for school, for your career or for your friends and relatives.

If writing a list of reasons why you’re happy with your life doesn’t take away the sting of being single on Valentine’s Day, check out some more Valentine’s Day ideas for singles.

Single on Valentine’s Day

Pamper Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Whether you go for a mani-pedi, for a massage or for a shopping spree, make sure you do something you really enjoy. If you want to have a good time without spending any money, go for a relaxing bubble bath or snuggle in bed with a captivating book.

Spending Valentine’s Day alone doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. Turn it into a day that makes you feel better about yourself and you’ll have more luck dating in the future.

Spend Valentine’s Day with Your Single Friends

Get together with your single friends for a movie or a night out in town. If you don’t want to go out when you’re single on Valentine’s Day, throw a party and have fun without any couples who celebrate this holiday.

You might even get enough couples interested in an Anti-Valentine’s Day party, an evening to have fun without giving in to the commercial side of Valentine’s Day.

Single on Valentine’s Day: Tips for Spending Valentine’s Day Alone

Show Your Love to Others

Being single on Valentine’s Day can be the perfect opportunity to reconnect with old friends or relatives who live far away. Pick up the phone and brighten someone else’s day with a pleasant conversation.

Spending Valentine’s Day alone can also be the best time to volunteer to help a cause you really believe in and give hope to other people who are facing much bigger problems than being single on Valentine’s Day.