If your heart isn’t in it, dating can end up a lot less fun than you expect it to be. You should never stop looking for that special someone, but sometimes a break can do you a lot of good, especially if you feel burned out on dating.

Check out the biggest signs you should take a break from dating, and decide if you’re in any of these situations which warrant some time off. Even if you want to keep dating, a break can help you focus on yourself and what you really want and help you improve the experience in every way.

1. You’re Not Enjoying It Anymore

If you’re just dating because that’s what you think you’re supposed to be doing, stop. When you’re not enjoying it anymore, all of your dates will notice it and it will make you a lot less attractive in their eyes. If you feel like you can’t be your best self anymore, and you’re just going through the motions, take a little break to refocus on why you’re dating and what kind of guy you’d like to meet.

2. You’re Not Over Your Ex

Jumping into the dating pool right after a breakup is not a good idea. If you know you’re not completely over your ex, that’s one of the signs you should take a break from dating. It doesn’t mean you can’t still hang out with friends, but if you’re not ready to make a new emotional connection, then you’re just wasting time.

3. Every Date Feels the Same

If you can’t even remember the names of all the people you’ve dated in the last three months, you may need a little time off. When every new date feels the same, and you always end up disqualifying a potential match on the very first date, take a little time off. Consider if you’re really giving your dates a chance or if you’re just counting the minutes until your get to say: “I had a nice time. Bye!”

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4. You’re Desperate to Connect with Someone

When you’re feeling in dire need of a real emotional connection, you’re more likely to imagine it than experience it for real. Feeling desperate is definitely one of the main signs you should take a break from dating. Nobody’s attracted to desperate, and you might just meet the man of your dreams, then have him dismiss you because you come off as excessively eager.

5. You’re Reaching Out to Exes

Scratching the bottom of the barrel for exes who might be single? Circling back rarely leads to a happy ending. Stop dating, but don’t close yourself off completely. Go through your wish list again and see if maybe you’re being unreasonably picky or lowered your standards to much. Once you’ve shaken off the urge to date your exes, you’re ready to go back.

6. You Don’t Have Any Time for Yourself

Spending most of your free time on first dates? That’s one of the signs you should take a break from dating, or at least make more room in your life for yourself. Spend a little more time with yourself and your hobbies, and you’ll be able to bring more to the table when you meet someone new.

7. You’re Getting Cynical

If you’re starting to believe that all men are the same and you’ll never find Mr. Right, take a step back. You’ll increase your chances of finding the right match if you stay positive about it, so lose the cynicism before you go on another date.

8. You Know You’re Not Ready for the Relationship You Want

One of the biggest signs you should take a break from dating, knowing you’re not ready because of emotional baggage from previous relationships isn’t a bad thing. All you need to do is take some time off and work on yourself. A relationship can’t magically make you happy, and happy people have a lot more chances of getting into a healthy relationship.

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9. Your Friends and Family Are Feeling Neglected

If your dating schedule is making you too busy to spend quality time with your friends and family, you’re focusing on the wrong things. You’ll be in better emotional shape to meet the man of your dreams when you cherish the other relationships in your life.

10. You’ve Experienced Too Many Bad Dates in a Row

Sometimes all it takes is one bad date. But if you’ve experienced several in a row, that’s one of the signs you should take a break from dating. Spend a little more time with yourself and recharge before you start dating again.