OK, so you fancy him, but how can you tell if your friendship is ever going to blossom into something more? Learn to read the signs you’re stuck in the friend zone with a guy.

1. He calls you “dude”.One of the most surefire signs you are in the friend zone is the way he calls you. If he refers to you in the same way he refers to his male friends and treats you like one of his mates, you should probably abandon any romantic fantasies.

2. He talks to you about other girlsWhile confiding in each other might be a good sign, if he openly talks about other girls or asks for your advice in matters of the heart, you can take it as a sign you have been friend zoned. He would definitely not bring up his lady friends, if he had deeper feelings for you.

3. He treats you like his kid sisterLooking for signs you are in the friend zone? If he acts protectively towards you, calling you “kid” and showing a general concern for your well-being, don’t read too much into it. Chances are he sees you more like a kid sister than like a potential girlfriend.

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4. He never picks up the tab.This is one of the subtler signs you are in the friend zone. If he picks up the tab on occasion, you should not preclude a romantic interest. However, if you always pay Dutch, it’s much more likely he sees you merely as a friend.

5. You always initiate.Need signs you are just a friend to him? Even if you feel on cloud nine every time you hang out together, if you see each other only when you initiate it, you shouldn’t get your hopes up. If he were as eager to see you, he’d pick up the phone every once in a while.

6. The more, the merrier.If you’re looking for tell-tale signs you are in the friend zone, this is it. If he brings “back-up” every time you invite him to hang out together, this may be his way of telling you he just wants to be friends.

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7. He’s always trying to set you up with some guy.If you need unmistakable signs you are in the friend zone, this is a red flag. If he’s the tiniest bit perceptive, he knows you fancy him and feels guilty for not sharing your feelings. This is why he’s suddenly on a mission to find you a match and relieve his conscience.

8. Change of Topic​If you brought up the possibility of dating and he changed the topic, this is a surefire sign you have been friend zoned. Think of it: If you fancy someone and you’re offered the opportunity to tell them how you feel, you’re probably going to take it.

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