You’ve met a guy and you’ve started dating. Things look lovely from your perspective, however you don’t know what to think about his feelings and you start asking yourself “Is he falling in love with me?”. Stop worrying about it and take some notes because we’ve done some research!

Signs He’s Falling for You

When a man is interested in a woman he makes his objective to find out her deepest secrets, what she really wants and what are her greatest dreams. If he starts asking himself these questions, this is truly a sign he’s falling in love with you, even if it’s hard to admit it.

If a man loves a woman, he wants to spend time with her, cuddle and touch her. So, if your man has this so-called symptom, it’s clear he’s into you.

Ladies, pay attention at small touches! Whether it’s a soft touch on your back, on your arm or back of your neck, these type of touches make a great difference because most men act this way if they have feelings for you.

Happy Couple In Love

A man that is in love will never be afraid to introduce his girlfriend to his friends, because the most important thing is for him to be happy. So, seeing how happy he is, his friends will instantly accept her. Thus, if your boyfriend has already introduced you to his pals, this is definitely one of the signs he loves you.

Another sign that should make you stop asking yourself “Is he in love with me?” is that big moment in every couple’s life: meeting his family. If your partner asks you to go and meet his mom and dad, that’s a great sign he is in love with you and that he is now prepared to admit it.

Are you one of those women whose partner is texting and calling first? If yes, this really means that you have a great guy next to you that really cares about you and your feelings. That being said, you are one lucky lady!

A relationship should be the place where you should be yourself, without any boundaries. So, if your partner makes you feel at ease, laugh and feel special, he is definitely a keeper.

A great commitment needs time invested by both partners. You should know that if a guy does not want to spend time with you, it means that he is probably just not into the relationship. These men are always looking for excuses not to see you. Otherwise, if you have one man that does not need a reason to spend time together, you are fortunate because this is clearly a sign his intentions are serious.

Couple Meeting Friends

Moreover, if a guy starts bringing up discussions about a possible future together, this means that he is committed. If he starts making long term plans that include you, he is very sure about his feelings. You should keep this in mind, because guys will not start discussing about a future together unless they are sure about what they feel.

A great clue of a serious relationship is compromise. If your man is willing to compromise even if he doesn’t want to, it means he loves you. He will meet you somewhere in the middle, without paying the stubborn card. Selflessness is probably one of the most important signs that he loves you deeply.

Usually, if guys are jealous, it means that they care about you. As long as this is not intense, it is completely normal to feel this way at certain times. This is probably their unconscious way of showing us that they love us.

If a guy gets protective and cares about your well being, this means that he has strong feelings for you. Let’s assume for example that you’re going on a trip with your friends. You should give him a call once your arrive at the hotel because he will worry about you, even if sometimes he can’t admit it.

A true relationship is made up of two partners that are equally important. So, if your lovely man values your opinion and pays attention to the things you’re saying, it means he considers you important. This type of guy would want to ask for your opinion on different matters, whether we are talking about taking a big decision at work or solve a personal issue.

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