You’re probably afraid of her refusal, however, we’d suggest giving it a try, maybe she’ll say yes! So, here’s what we recommend: take a comfortable seat and read our suggestions on how to get girls to like you.

1. How to Get a Girl to Like You: Be Independent

The first step would be to show her you’re independent and you have your own life. You should know that girls don’t like men that tend to cling to them, that don’t have any friends. Just be confident and trust your instincts. We recommend hanging out with your friends, focus on your job goals and never give up on your hobbies. She’ll definitely appreciate your confidence!

Fit Guy

Also, take care of your body. Try to stay in shape, work out but don’t overdo it because some girls don’t like having Hulk next to them. Do some sit ups, run some miles, go for a bicycle ride, in the end, you’ll feel and look great. Plus, take care of your hygiene. Women are attracted to men that take care of themselves, so why not focusing more on this aspect?

2. How to Get a Girl to Like You: Break the Ice

How do you get a girl to like you? Admit it, you’ve asked yourself this at least once. No need anymore! The second step is to be brave and go talk to her. Otherwise, how can she notice you’re interested in her? Although it might seem scary, try to approach the girl you like and start talking about your hobbies. You might be surprised by the amount of things you have in common.

Girls just love to laugh! So, if you’re a funny guy, you’ll definitely earn a place in her heart. A classic way to make someone laugh is to tell funny stories. We suggest finding out what are her favorite comedians and movies and suggest watching them together. Laughing will make both of you more relaxed and you’ll want to spend more time together.

Laughing Couple

3. How to Get a Girl to Like You: Pay Her a Compliment

Every girl loves to receive compliments. That being said, try to focus on what makes her special and distinct and highlight that trait. She’ll appreciate it because this means you paid attention. If you want to compliment her looks, you should be original. Just focus on a particular feature: beautiful piercing eyes, fit body, great hair and point it out. But don’t compliment her often because if she’s pretty, she probably heard it several times by now and you don’t want to be ‘just another guy’.

Now it’s time to ask her out. Choose an activity that you both love. For example, going out bowling or to the movies. Be yourself and she’ll definitely be relaxed and enjoy your company.

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