There are many benefits to dating different kinds of men, from a better perspective on a potential relationship to experiencing new things. If you think that nerds are undateable, you’re making a big mistake and missing out.

Check out the top reasons you should date a nerd, and find out what a geek has to offer in a relationship. From being good with gadgets to being passionate about his interests, here are the big advantages of giving a nerd a shot.

1. He’s Smart

If you’re tired of people who can’t hold up an interesting conversation, you might be pleasantly surprised by the fact that nerds aren’t just interested in a single field, they also tend to be smart and interested in plenty of other things. While there’s no guarantee than a nerd will be intelligent, if he’s really passionate about something, he probably has good problem solving skills as well.

2. He’ll Appreciate You

One of the best reasons you should date a nerd is that men who feel like they’ve lucked out tend to pay more attention to their girlfriends. Unless you found the hottest nerd in the world, he’ll really appreciate you and make you feel special, because unlike an athlete, he doesn’t have plenty of women just waiting for him to become single.

3. He’s Tech-Savvy

While dating a nerd won’t turn him into your personal gadget repairman, it’s likely that he’ll be able to help you out when you feel like you’re stuck. Even if he’s not really interested in technology, he might still have more knowledge or at least skills that help him solve problems more than the average guy.

4. You Know He’s Committed

If there’s one thing that nerds excel at, it’s commitment to their passion, that can sometimes borderline on obsession. While you shouldn’t try to inspire the same devotion as his biggest interests right away, his loyalty is one of the reasons you should date a nerd. Starting a relationship with a nerd doesn’t guarantee that he’ll be faithful, but it does mean that he’ll be there when you have a problem and he’ll be willing to work on the relationship.

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5. He’s Funny

If he stood out as a kid, he also probably developed sarcasm, the ability to make self-deprecating jokes, and just generally has a sense of humor. When you’re looking for a guy who doesn’t always take himself seriously, you might luck out if you start dating a nerd.

6. He’ll Treasure You

All men tend to be more interested in keeping their girlfriends happy when they feel that they lucked out with a woman out of their league. Even though that seems superficial, it’s also one of the reasons you should date a nerd, because he’ll treasure you and appreciate that you chose him over a more attractive, but less interesting guy.

7. He’s Open to Learning

Whether he needs a few tips in the bedroom or you want to introduce him to some of your favorite things, a nerd will probably rise to the occasion. His inquisitive nature that he uses for his passions can also be very useful in a relationship. You’ll probably also notice that nerds tend to be more patient and more focused on the long term goals.

8. He’s Self-Aware

One of the best reasons you should date a nerd is the fact that he’s always himself. Even though he was probably bullied in school, and he still has to deal with the way some people perceive him, he’s willing to stand up for what’s truly important to him, as opposed to confirming and putting on a mask just to fit in.

9. He’ll Be a Good Listener

You might stumble upon a really self-centered nerd from time to time, but most of them have plenty of empathy and they know how to listen, especially when they really care about someone. You won’t be ignored if you need his attention.

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10. You Can Be Yourself

If you’ve ever wanted to just relax and embrace your own quirks, that’s definitely one of the reasons you should date a nerd. Because he’s had to put up with a lot from other people, it’s less likely that he’ll judge you or make you feel weird because you don’t fit a standard. Be yourself from the beginning and decide if you’re compatible enough for a second date with your nerd of choice.