Whether you think Mr. Right actually exists or you’re subconsciously craving your own Prince Charming, the quest to find the perfect guy rarely ends in happiness. There are plenty of things that can get in the way, from unrealistic expectations to wasted opportunities.

Check out the most important reasons to stop looking for Mr. Right and decide if you need a change in the way you’re trying to find your perfect guy. Whether you still believe in Prince Charming or not, here are the ways in which you may be sabotaging your own happiness by looking for a man who doesn’t exist.

1. Your Expectations Might Be Too High

Even if you managed to avoid the childish concept of happily ever after, romantic comedies can instill some pretty high expectations when it comes to the man you want to spend the rest of your life with. When no guy seems to measure up to your expectations, that could very well mean that your standards are too high.

2. You’re Not Ready for What You Want

One of the most obvious reasons to stop looking for Mr. Right is the fact that what you want could be very different from what you really need. Even the happiest relationships need a lot of compromise, so you might not be ready to accept that the perfect guy, the one who can read your thoughts, does not exist.

Looking For Mr Right

3. You’re Trying Too Hard

When you’re solely focused on your dating life, you can actually ruin your chances of having a relationship with Mr. Right, if you ever feel like you’ve found him. Don’t be afraid to be single for a while, as you work on other important aspects of your life. If you’re too willing to compromise when you find the man of your dreams, that may put him off.

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4. You’re Expecting Him to Make You Happy

Created by both Disney movies and rom-coms, the concept that once you find the right guy everything goes in the right direction is naive at best. If you’re expecting a white night, who’ll somehow rescue you and make everything better instantly, you’re not ready, and that’s one of the reasons to stop looking for Mr. Right.

5. You’re Ignoring Important People in Your Life

Friends and family can provide a lot of emotional fulfillment, but if you ignore them while you’re only focused on finding the partner you want, you’re not getting it. Happy people are attracted to other people, so instead of wasting your time feeling like a failure because you haven’t met the right guy yet, spend time with the people you love.

6. You’re Looking for Him for the Wrong Reasons

If you think that being single is bad, and envy all your friends who are in stable relationships, you might be dealing reasons to stop looking for Mr. Right. The love of your life won’t show up when you just want it so you can feel better about not being single anymore.

7. He Won’t Be Able to Complete You

One of the worst mistakes you can do when waiting for Mr. Right is thinking that he’ll always rise up to your expectations and never disappoint you. Even if you believe in soul mates, you have to accept that a relationship needs works, and love alone cannot make you feel like you’re complete, at least not after the honeymoon phase.

Finding Mr Right

8. You Could Spend Your Energy on Something More Productive

One of the best reasons to stop looking for Mr. Right is the fact that you’re ignoring your career or your education while focusing too much on dating. Take that time to work on yourself, learn new things, and you’ll have more to offer when you do meet him.

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9. You Might Find Love in Unexpected Ways

If you already think you know everything about Mr. Right, you’ll probably end up disappointed. Dating outside your type might be the best way to meet new people and it will give you more experience. The perfect might for you might not be who you think it is.1-

10. You Should Focus on Meeting Mr. Right Now 10.

Being happy right now is one of the most important reasons to stop looking for Mr. Right. Instead, focus on finding a guy who’s right for you right now. Even if he’s far from your ideal guy, as long as he can make you laugh, respect you and make you feel appreciated, you’re in a good relationship.