While you can instantly know who might interest you when you walk into a bar, online dating is a bit more complicated. By casting a wider net, you’re also accepting that one of the drawbacks is that you’ll need for make a bigger effort to find the right guy.

Even when you’re frustrated with the process, you should still stick to the basic online dating etiquette. Find out which rules you should respect if you want to be your best self when you’re meeting guys online.

Don’t Post a Misleading Photo

Misrepresenting yourself in your profile picture is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. You can’t get away with it for long, and it just least to awkward moments when you’re on dates. Your profile pic can be from your best angle, but it should be recent. And if you can, upload more pictures that reflect how you currently look.

Show the Real You

A little exaggeration is human, but stray too far in your profile and you’re breaking one of the rules of online dating etiquette. By trying to sell yourself too enthusiastically, you can go too far and end up on a date with someone who’s only interesting in the person you seemed to be, not who you really are. Stop worrying about rejection and be yourself to increase the chances of a good match online.

Always Be Honest About Your Intentions

If you’re looking for a hookup, you shouldn’t be doing it on a dating site. There’s no point in hiding your motives or lying about your relationship status. There are plenty of apps that put you in touch with guys who just want a one night stand, but that’s not what dating sites are for. If you’ve just had a breakup, you should also mention in your profile that you’re not looking for a serious commitment right away.

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Don’t Rush Connections on Social Networks

Friending a stranger you just met online on Facebook or following him on Twitter after exchanging just a couple of message is not recommended, according to online dating etiquette. You can do your research, but trying to establish ties on social media platforms right away is definitely more creepy than cute.

Be Upfront about Major Fetishes

If you’ve got a fetish that you really want to explore, you should be upfront that your taste isn’t strictly vanilla. There’s no need to go into specifics on a regular dating site, but saying that you’re very adventurous in bed should increase your chances of connecting with someone who’s willing to explore that with you. If you don’t have any luck on regular dating sites, try websites dedicated to the fetish community, like FetLife.com.

Don’t Message Again When There’s No Reply

Sticking to online dating etiquette isn’t just something you do for others, but also something you should respect for yourself. When you don’t get a reply, you could give it a second try, but you should absolutely not flood a stranger’s inbox.

How To Do Online Dating Right

Always Reply After Receiving a Picture

If you’ve requested an additional picture, then you should absolutely reply after you get it, whether you’re into him or not. Obviously, that doesn’t apply to unsolicited pictures, and definitely doesn’t apply to dick pics.

Don’t Take Rejection Personally

If you take it personally, you’re a lot more likely to get angry and be rude right back, breaking the rules of online dating etiquette. When he’s not into you, it just wasn’t a good match. Even if he’s being blunt and insulting in his reply, you don’t have to reply in the same way. You don’t have to reply at all.

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Stay Away from the Site Right After a Date

Whether there’s going to be a second date or not, going right back to the dating website after it’s over is not really a polite thing to do. He might check it too, just to see if you’re online, which is why you shouldn’t check it or start browsing again right away.

Don’t Disappear Without a Word

Once a few messages have been exchanged and things are headed in the right direction, online dating etiquette dictates that you shouldn’t just vanish. Be polite and let him know if you’re done or if you already found someone else. You would deserve the same courtesy in his place.