It’s very important to be emotionally prepared for dating after a long relationship and probably after a sour break-up. And sometimes, although you might feel ready, it’s the other way around. Do you want to know where you stand?

You’re Not over Your Ex

Not being over your ex is one of the most important signs you’re not ready to date. If you’ve recently broken up, you should focus on relaxing, regaining confidence or hanging out with your best friends. Otherwise, you might tend to compare other guys with your ex boyfriend. That’s why it’s better to have some time for yourself to recover your strength and analyze what went wrong.

You Don’t Know What You Want

This is also another great sign you’re not ready for a relationship. Before committing to someone new, you should ask yourself: is this really what I want? If your answer is somewhat unsure, it would be better to carefully think about your needs and demands. And once you’ve reached a conclusion, you’ll know whether you’re ready or not for a relationship.

Single Woman

You Need a Savior

Do you want to find out another great sign you’re not ready for a relationship? This might just be it! Are you looking for a guy to fight your battles and be your savior? Specialists say that this isn’t the best approach on things. Instead, they claim you should be the one fighting your own wars, with courage. And once you regain your strength, you’ll also be ready to get involved with somebody new.

You Want to Get Married Soon

This might also be one of the most important signs you’re not ready to date. If you want to date a guy because you want this relationship to be the one that leads to marriage, you should reconsider things. It’s very important to think about what really matters in life, because your main objective should be happiness. That’s why you shouldn’t settle for the first guy that expresses interest if the feelings aren’t mutual.

Dreaming Of Marriage

You Need a Man to Feel Happy

Needing someone next to you to feel happy should also be included amongst the signs you’re not ready for a relationship. Here’s a common scenario: you get an invitation to an event but you don’t have a partner. Are you likely to go without your plus 1 or do you feel the need to find an excuse and send your regrets? If you choose the latter option, it might mean you’re still not ready to date anyone new.

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