Sometimes, after going out on a date, you don’t receive the phone call you’ve been expecting. There are some possible reasons why he hasn’t called, though. These examples can give you a hand.

Why Hasn’t He Called Me?

Here’s a question that has been on your mind at least once. A possible answer to this might be that your date is busy. Certain guys can have very chaotic lives, where their schedule is loaded. Perhaps he has been very busy at work or maybe he’s also taking extra courses as he’s looking for a promotion this year. And when he finishes his work, he might find it too late to call. So, a packed schedule can be a good reason for which he hasn’t called you yet.

Why a Guy Hasn’t Called After a First Date: He Doesn’t Want to Rush Things

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If a guy hasn’t called after a first date, it might be because he’s afraid that things are going too fast and he doesn’t want to rush into things. Just think about it: have you already started to talk about a future together after your first date? In that case, your guy might be a little overwhelmed with the idea and he doesn’t want you to think that you’re into a relationship, at least not just yet. Instead, he’ll probably feel the need to push the brakes and wait to see how things evolve from now on.

Good Reason Why He Hasn’t Called: He Doesn’t Want to Seem Desperate

Although it might seem a bit surprising, this can also be a good reason why he hasn’t called. Sometimes, a man can also play hard to get, and by not calling you, he might want to see if you’re willing to make the first move. He can also want to see how much time you’re willing to wait until you see each other again. So, you should also have this suggestion in mind next time you’re confronted with this type of situation.

Why He Hasn’t Called in a Week: He’s Not that Interested

Are you wondering why he hasn’t called in a week? Here’s another possible answer: he might not be that interested in a relationship at the moment. Perhaps he isn’t prepared to commit right away because he has gone through a recent breakup. Or perhaps he isn’t ready to give up his freedom. So, it would be best to wait and see whether he decides to call or not.

Reasons Why He Hasn’t Called: He’s Waiting for You to Call

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Consider this scenario: you’ve already been on a date together and before it ended, you told him that you’d call soon. This might also be one of those reasons why he hasn’t called yet. Perhaps he waits for you to follow up on your word. So, if this scenario sounds familiar, you should pick up your phone and dial his number. He’ll probably be very happy that you’ve called and who knows, you might get to go out on a future date really soon.

Possible Reason Why He Hasn’t Called You: He’s in a Relationship

Unfortunately, this can also be a possible reason why he hasn’t called you. Perhaps the guy you’ve been going out with was just seeing someone else and since then, things have developed into a relationship. That’s why, if you feel that things aren’t the way you’ve planned, you should confront your date and tell him what’s been bothering you recently. Wait to hear his answer and you’ll know what path to follow from now on.

What to Do?

So, after finding out these possible reasons, what should you do? Firstly, you should be patient. Although it might seem hard, now it’s the perfect time to play this great card. Try to keep yourself preoccupied and keep your mind off your phone. Furthermore, you should ask your best friend’s advice. Explain her the situation and she might give you excellent pointers regarding what to do next.

Also, don’t be afraid to listen to your instinct. If something is telling you that your date might be playing certain games or isn’t that interested, you might want to reconsider things. Specialists say that’s very important to listen to your sixth sense, especially when dating is involved.

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