Going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day is a tradition for many couples, but staying in allows you to set the perfect romantic atmosphere. Find out how to set up a romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day and use interesting decorating ideas to impress your loved one on this special day.

If you decide to stay in, you may want to have your dinner catered or order take-out to spend the most enjoyable evening on Valentine’s Day. When impressing your loved one with your cooking skills is part of the surprise, make sure you choose recipes that can be prepared slightly in advance and kept warm so you don’t have to run off to the kitchen and ruin a romantic moment.

Romantic Dinner for Valentine’s Day Essentials

Candlelight is a must and your best option is red cinnamon fragrance candles that you can place on the table and all around the dining room.

Pink or red balloons and red heart garlands which you can find at almost any party supply store can add to the romantic setting, but flowers should be your priority.

Make your own bouquets using red, white and pink flowers in decorative vases and place them in the room you’ll spend the special evening with your loved one.

Once you finish decorating the room and making the most romantic playlist for a great ambiance, setting the table becomes the top priority if you want to set up a romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day.

Make a centerpiece using a decorative bowl filled with water and place red and white rose petals to float on top. Flower-shaped candles are another romantic idea. Choose the smallest ones you can find and add two on your rose bowl.

Placing rose petals on the table randomly add a nice touch, but you can also decorate your long-stemmed glasses with small satin or velvet ribbons to serve romantic cocktails for Valentine’s Day.

How to Set Up a Romantic Dinner for Valentine

Decorating Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Declutter your living room and bedroom and remove any pictures that don’t feature you and your loved one as a happy couple. You can also alter the lighting in any room by placing a thin pink or red scarf on top of any lamp, without letting it touch the light bulb directly.

Make sure you get a cozy feel when you stay in for Valentine’s Day by using red or white quilts to cover some of the furniture. You can also fill big jars with candy for a sweet ambiance.

Once you’ve set up the romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day, just relax and enjoy the chocolate covered strawberries and other goodies you’ve lined up for your special date.

How to Set Up a Romantic Dinner for Valentine