Girls who have the skills to play the irresistible and look natural will definitely sweep every guy off his feet. While men are fond of immersing into a fascinating hunt, women are forced to study the art of seduction and play a role to become more attractive and challenging for their significant other.

The basics of how to play hard to get with a guy can be learned by everyone. If you need a few tricks on how to boost your chances to attract more guys, it is wise to follow the guidelines below.

Don’t Call Him Back Immediately

This is one of the golden rules to maintain your mysterious and hard-to-get allure. It is wise to return his calls after a few hours only if the message is not too important. Days might seem too much, if you can’t resist the urge to call him, do this after half an hour or an hour. The result of this seductive strategy will be simply dazzling.

Laugh At His Jokes and Touch Others

This is one of the simplest flirting tricks you can also use during your seduction project. In order to win his heart all you have to do is laugh at his jokes and make him feel comfortable in your closest circle.

However, you have to play hard to get which is done by touching other guys too. This gesture will show him that you’re not 100% devoted to seducing him and it will be his job to win your heart.

Be Vague About What You’re Doing In Your Spare Time

There’s no need to tell everything about your spare time activities and who you have spend your time with. Being mysterious equals being inaccessible.

Therefore, if you want to learn from the experience of our love gurus, it’s time to adopt a more cryptic language and create the impression of a fascinating life he’ll crave to be part of.

Plan Various Activities With Friends

Invite your friends to various activities to avoid being alone with him. This is the trick to send a clear message that you have an active social life. Ask him to join your circle and spend precious time with your friends. During these meetings you can have private talks with him, the overall impression of you being independent and confident was already created.

Talk to His Friends

You can talk to his friends about what you feel about your cutie. However, make sure you don’t reveal any delicate details about your real feeling and your intention with this guy. Instead, talk about your opinion on your dream guy without saying that you’re ready for a relationship with him.

Have Your Own Opinions

You like him a lot, still you want to create the impression of being inaccessible. It’s time to embrace the following seductive strategy to win his heart. Have your own opinions even if you wish to win his heart and trust. Don’t be embarrassed to share your individual view about various things. Your cutie will be simply mesmerized by the confident YOU.

Play Hard to Get With A Guy

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