The dating scene is not always rosy and interesting. In our attempt to meet the person of our dreams we are faced with a variety of experiences, not all of them being pleasant. Memorable or not, bad dates can be an energy drain and a can bring about a variety of headache-inducing consequences. In such scenarios, knowing how to artfully make an escape can prove invaluable. Try some of the following techniques to end things when needed:

Try being honest If your date is a really nice guy yet you fail to feel a connection with, explaining the situation nicely and sweetening things up with a few genuine compliments might be the best way to avoid awkward feelings and still manage to gracefully leave without bruising his ego too much.

Use your sense of humor Bad dates tend to be the most memorable ones , so at the very least you’ll have something fun to share with friends if you stay a little. This simple thought can make it easier to go through a series of uninteresting conversations.

Emphasize your differences Sometimes going for the honest, respectful route isn’t going to be a good technique, especially if your date is ignoring your attempts to back off. Ensuring your date you don’t have the quality he’s looking for can be a fairly quick route to success as the lack of compatibility will become more obvious.

Cut the date short Whether you do this by faking an emergency with a friend or simply asking for check early on, acting quickly will save you and him a lot of frustration. This is one of the clearest signs a second date will not be in order and makes you both avoid wasting too much time.

Don’t agree to a second date Perhaps the worst thing you can do if you genuinely don’t feel the connection to someone is agreeing to go on a second date out of pity. Such behavior doesn’t do anyone a favor and prolongs the inevitable unnecessarily, so make sure to be as clear as possible on how things really are.

Just leave If you feel insulted, threatened in any way or unsafe, you don’t need any excuse to leave. Simply get away from any potentially threatening situation as quickly as possible without looking back. Always put safety first and avoid getting intimidated.

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