OK, so you met this charming drop-dead-gorgeous guy, you click, but you have this nagging sensation something is not quite right. Could it be that he is emotionally unavailable? Check out 7 surefire signs of emotional unavailability.

1. He has an excuse for everything.

One of the most unmistakable signs of emotional unavailability is the tendency to come up with excuses for everything. Whether it’s his refusal to make your relationship official on Facebook or his reluctance to introduce you to his mates, he’ll always have some excuse or justification. If you’ve heard “The timing is not right” or “It’s complicated” on more than one occasion, run for the hills.

2. He’s never there.

Physical unavailability is yet another surefire sign of emotional unavailability. If he often goes AWOL and it takes him forever to answer your calls, chances are you’re dealing with an emotionally unavailable man.

3. Keeping the mystery.

One of the distinguishing traits of emotionally unavailable men is an excessive secrecy about intimate details of their personal or family life, as well as a reluctance to be drawn into the inner circle of your life.

Dealing With Emotionally Unavailable Man

4. It’s all about him.

Is he emotionally unavailable? One of the clear signs of emotional unavailability is the tendency to put his needs first. Do you only get together when he decides, on his terms, is it always him who calls the shots? Sorry to break it to you, but this doesn’t bode well for your relationship.

5. He’s “living in the moment”.

Looking for signs of emotional unavailability? If he’s always evasive, no matter the topic, if he tells you he prefers “living in the moment” or “things are hectic” when you try to make plans for next weekend, he’s probably a good contender for Mr. Emotionally Unavailable.

6. He’s a serial dater.

One of the surefire signs of emotional unavailability is the reluctance to make a firm commitment or to cut ties with other women in his life. If you’ve been dating for months and he still hasn’t changed his Facebook relationship status, if he’s recently divorced or is still hung up on an ex, he is most likely emotionally unavailable to you.

Couple Having Relationship Trouble

7. He’s more readily available online than offline.

If a large portion of your relationship is conducted via electronic means of communication, if his Facebook newsfeed tells you more about him than he shares with you in the flesh, don’t get your hopes up.

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