You should admit it, actions speak louder than words. And if you want to express your feelings in an unique way, find out now how to show your boyfriend you love him.

Breakfast in Bed

Do you want to learn how to show your boyfriend you love him in a creative way? How does breakfast in bed sound? You should wake up a littlebit  earlier than him and prepare his favorites: scrambled eggs, toast and a healthy orange smoothie. Once you’ve finished cooking, you should place your surprise breakfast on a tray and bring it to him in bed. Wake him up with a tender kiss and let him relax before going to work. He’ll definitely appreciate your gesture!

Gadget Gift

A New Gadget

Here’s a good way to show your boyfriend you love him without saying it! Has your man set his eyes on one of the newest smartphones out there and has plans to get it? If your budget allows it, what would you say about buying your significant other this new gadget?

Wrap it in a nice paper, add a beautiful red bow on it and place it somewhere where he can find it. Be  prepared to watch the thrill on his face when he sees his surprise. Priceless!

Invite Him at a Fancy Restaurant

If your boyfriend is into Italian food, what would you say about making a reservation for two at that special new restaurant? This great way to show your boyfriend you love him requires special attention. So, choose a beautiful festive dress and mix it with your favorite pair of pumps. Define your look with a natural makeup and gather your locks into a messy bun. Send him a short text with the address of the restaurant and the hour of the reservation, and get ready to enjoy quality time together.

Hiking Trip For Couple

Plan a Hiking Trip

If you want to find out how to show your boyfriend you love him without saying it, a hiking trip can be a good suggestion, especially if he loves the mountains. Make hotel reservations, set the itinerary and buy the necessary provisions.

Moreover, you should also make sure you take the adequate equipment and pieces of clothing with you. Your loved one will certainly be surprised with your initiative and this will be an excellent way to make memories together!

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