Dating can be hard, especially if you’re not familiar with some basic dating rules. However, if you really like this new woman in your life and you want to see her again, you should check out our second date rules to boost your chances for success!

How to Get a Second Date After a Bad First Date

During your first date with that gorgeous lady, you’ve been somewhat arrogant. You’ve told her how accomplished you are, what a nice home you have and what a powerful car you drive. She probably wasn’t too impressed with your one man show, so now she doesn’t want to go out with you again. But, if you really like her, here’s how to get a second date after a bad first date: call her, apologize if you’ve been too arrogant and ask her to choose the place of your second date. We suggest following one of the best second date rules and enjoying the result: she’ll most likely appreciate your honesty.

Successful Second Date

Second Date Rules: Listen, listen, listen!

One of the best second date rules is listening to what your partner is telling you. When you take her out to dinner, try to listen and be empathic. This will make her feel at ease and she’ll definitely appreciate your approach.

So, if she’s telling you something personal, you should listen carefully and then ask her questions related to the matter you’re discussing. Also, if you want to know how to get a second date, then we suggest looking at her in the eyes. She’ll probably appreciate the eye contact (as it suggests honesty).

Second Date Advice: Ask Her Questions

This is probably one of the most important second date rules. If you’re looking for great second date advice, you should learn how to ask questions. Most women love to talk, so seeing a certain interest from your part will make them more confident and more eager to share things they like. Stop focusing on ‘Why I didn’t get a second date’ and start reaching your objective. Begin with common questions related to her hobbies, job or places she visited and let the magic happen!

Second Date Advice

Second Date Rule: Being Nice

Being nice to other people is definitely a great second date advice. Women are known to notice if you’ve been polite to the bartender or to the waitress that brought over that delicious dessert. Most ladies are very observant, so, for instance, they’ll appreciate seeing you helping an old lady crossing the street or reaching out to a child in need. Showing them you’re a reliable man might be the perfect way to get a second date.

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