It’s hard sometimes to separate friendship from love, and when you’re falling for someone that’s close to you, you don’t exactly know if he shares your feelings or he just appreciates you as a caring friend.

4 Signs a Guy Likes You

There are certain signs from which you can tell if a guy likes you more than a friend. Are you ready to find out what they are?

Pay Attention to His Body Language

How can you tell is a guy likes you? We suggest watching closely his body language because it will say so many things about how he feels about you. If a boy likes you, he can’t help looking at you. And sometimes he doesn’t even realize it. He might even lean towards you repeatedly, which can suggest a great interest in you.

Moreover, he will start being more careful with the way he’s dressing. He might arrange his sweater or tie a lot because he wants to look good in your eyes and thus make a great impression.

Signs He Likes You

Analyze His Way of Speaking

If you want to know how he feels about you, we recommend paying attention to the way he’s talking to you. Let’s take his tone for example: if he chooses his words carefully, it means he thought for a while about what he just told you. Also, you can see if he establishes eye contact. This, however, can be tricky because some guys are simply shy and that’s why they avoid looking you in the eyes.

He Remembers a Lot of Things About You

For example, he remembers your birthday or he calls you for your name day. How many men remember anniversaries if they aren’t interested in that particular girl? Exactly our point! He’d remember what you wore on a certain day or what jokes you said on a particular occasion. Be careful though, if he happens to know things about you that you don’t remember telling him, he might be a little obsessed with you!

Flirting Young Couple

He Subtly Touches You

If the guy you like ‘accidentally’ puts his hand on your arm or lightly grabs your shoulders, this might mean he wants you and him to be more than friends. Psychologically speaking, if humans feel attracted to certain things, they’ll want to touch and look at them. So, if you see this special guy touching you accidentally more than once, it clearly shows he’s into you. This way, you’ll know how to react from now on.

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