Not everyone is ready for a blunt rejection, so, if you don’t want to hurt his feelings, you’ll need to look for believable excuses to get out of a date. And these ideas can help you out.

Believable Excuses to Get Out of a Date: Babysitting

This one is a classic, yet believable excuse to get out of a date. If you have a little brother or sister, you can tell your date you have to cancel as your parents had to leave town in a hurry and they couldn’t find anyone else to stay with your sibling. But what happens if your guy offers to join you? In this case, you should make sure to tell him that you’d simply love to invite him over, however, your brother or sister likes to play dress-ups. You wouldn’t want him to feel uncomfortable, right?

Excuse To Avoid Date

Ways to Get Out of a Date: Accident

One of the most common ways to get out of a date is to play the accident card. Do you have to meet him in about an hour? In this case, you should send your date a text saying you had a minor accident and that you can’t talk right now, because you’re in the hospital. Don’t forget to tell him not to worry, adding that it was only a minor incident.

Last Minute Excuses to Get Out of a Date: Play the Sick Card

Take a look at one of the most believable last minute excuses to get out of a date! You should call or text your date and tell him that you don’t feel well at all. And it’s probably because of that spicy Chinese chicken you ordered at work. Tell him you’re terribly sorry about this, however you prefer to stay at home and regain your strength.

Excuses to Get out of a Date with a Guy: You Have to Stay at Work

Claiming you have to work extra hours is one of the best excuses to get out of a date with a guy. Do you have to meet at that fancy restaurant in 40 minutes, but you aren’t in the mood for socializing today? In this case, you can tell your date that you have an important project at work and it has to be ready by tomorrow morning. So, you’ll have to cancel your reservation, because there are a few more details you need to set.

Texting To Cancel Date

Good Way to Get Out of a Date: The Phone Call Trick

The phone call trick is another good way to get out of a date. If you finally met him for drinks, but you have other plans (or you want to have a back-up plan, in case something goes wrong), you should ask one of your friends to call you 30 minutes after you met your date. If your date doesn’t go well, use this pretext and tell him that your girlfriend needs you as she’s going through a bad breakup.

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