The success of your first day depends a lot on the chemistry of your conversation. Even when there’s mutual attraction, there can be awkward silences that aren’t a good sign. Try a few of the best first date conversation tips that will help you navigate any discussion successfully.

Prepare in Advance

One of the best first date tips about conversation is about being prepared. Even if you’re not interested in current events, spend 5 to 10 minutes with a newspaper or news website to learn more about events that may become great topics when the conversation is stalling.

Listen More Than You Talk

A good rule of thumb for any first date conversation is to try and listen at least as much as you talk. Make sure you really listen, don’t just think about the next thing you’ll say. Things you pick up on the first date may be useful for a pleasant surprise later on.

Showing Interest During First Date

Don’t Get Too Personal

It’s not called the art of conversation for nothing, so don’t attack your date with personal and random questions. One of the best first date conversation tips is keeping it light and avoiding potentially touchy subjects like sex, politics and religion, unless they’re absolute deal breakers for you.

Show Genuine Interest

Be open to all possibilities even if the date starts off on the wrong foot. By showing your interest to what your date is talking about, you can start on a path for great communication. Of the many first date conversation tips, this one may be the most important: don’t even let your date notice they’re boring you, unless they’re truly rambling with no point to make.

Don’t Talk About Your Problems Too Much

If you’ve just gotten out of a relationship recently, or you’re facing personal or professional troubles, it’s very easy to make the discussion all about you. If you’ll stick to the other first date conversation tips, don’t forget to make this one a priority. Spend too much time talking about your exes? Your date will feel friend-zoned and lose interest.

Having Fun On The First Date

Discuss Fun Things Like Traveling and Hobbies

Everything from music and movies to traveling and hobbies makes for a great conversation topic on your first date, as long as there are common interests. If it all goes well and you’re in a relationship, remember your first date for some of the best gift ideas.

Don’t Extend Your First Date Too Much

For a few lucky couples with instant chemistry, the first date can last even more than 24 hours. However, in most situations, it’s always better to keep it short than run out of things to discuss on your first date. Follow these first date tips about conversation and you’ll increase your chances for a second date.

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