Finding the perfect guy can be more difficult when you’re shy, particularly if you decide that you won’t take the direct approach with someone you like. Being prepared is very important when you’re shy, but that’s not the only thing you should take into account when trying to improve your dating life.

Check out some of the most important dating tips for shy ladies, that will help you land the guy even if you’re having trouble coming out of your shell.

1. Adjust Your Body Language

When you’re shy, it’s very important to be aware of your body language. Crossed arms and a torso that’s turned away from the person you’re speaking to can be seen as sign of rejection. Make sure that you’re not coming off as aloof or even cold. If you’re not going to approach guys yourself, then you should definitely make sure that your body language shows you’re interested (when you really are).

2. Use Your Style

One of the most important dating tips for shy ladies is to dress to impress. That doesn’t have to mean short hemlines and low necklines, but you absolutely have to take your look to the next level in order to attract guys that you’re too shy to approach yourself. Attention grabbing accessories and sexy heels are a must.

3. Think of Him as a Friend

One way to feel less tension when you’re talking to a guy you like is to think of him as a pal. This trick doesn’t always work, but it’s a worth a try to take some of the edge off when you’re meeting new people. Being friendly can also help put him at ease, so the conversation can flow a bit more naturally than when it’s filled with pick up lines.

4. Always Be Prepared

If keeping the conversation going can be difficult, try one of the best dating tips for shy ladies and prepare for it in advance. You can think of a few current topics to discuss before you leave for your date. However, keep it light. Tragedies or news stories that are strongly divisive might not be a good idea, particularly if you don’t know where he stands on the issues.

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5. Find Comfort in a Familiar Environment

When a new place contributes to your anxiety, make sure that your first date is in a bar or restaurant that you know. By avoiding a completely new environment, you’ll be able to focus on your date and be more open to the new guy instead. Just ask to pick where you have the first date yourself, and then you can go to one of his favorite spots for the second.

6. Go Out in Groups of Three

Taking two girlfriends along when you’re open to meeting new people is a great idea, and one of the best dating tips for shy ladies. Your friends can help you build up the courage to approach or guy or even help you get his attention. Avoid bigger groups of people or going out with a single girlfriend since you’ll look less approachable surrounded by many people. Guys might also avoid you if they think you can’t leave your friend behind.

7. Take Baby Steps

It’s important to keep challenging yourself to overcome your shyness, but the best way to do it is gradually. Taking on too much, like going to a party when you only know one or two people, can backfire, and so can meeting too many of his friends at once.

8. Manage Your Expectations

One of the best dating tips for shy ladies is to keep expectations in check. When you’re doing out with a guy you really like, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to impress or to make it a perfect date. Just focus on enjoying yourself and opening up as much as you can.

9. Use Your Shyness As an Advantage

Women who are shy can cultivate an air of mystery that draws guys in. You’re also a good listener if you’re not sure how much to share, and guys love to talk about themselves. He’ll also have an extra reason to get to know you better.

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10. Try to Be Direct at the End of a Date

No matter how your date went, one of the best dating tips for shy ladies is focusing on a moment of honesty at the end, particularly if you like him. If you seemed aloof during the date, he might think you’re not really interested. Make an effort and tell him you’d like to see him again with a smile.