Surprise your loved one with a creative Valentine’s Day date and you’ll fill your hearts with love. From outdoors to romantic Valentine’s Day dates, choose your favorite from these excellent ideas for couples who want to spend a special day or evening.

Dinner at a good restaurant is the traditional way to go and you might find out it’s completely booked if you didn’t make a reservation on time. Try some creative Valentine’s Day date ideas that show your partner how much you care.

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Splitting the meal to more locations can be a great idea, if at least one of them is a special place where you’ve spent time before. Go for appetizers at a retro cafe, the main course at a fancy restaurant and find the best place for decadent desserts.

Take your loved one out to a karaoke night for Valentine’s Day and choose from the many romantic duets they’ll offer on February 14th.

If you’d like some outdoor fun, choose a trip to the amusement park or ice skating rink or even go for laser tag, as long as you and your partner are on the same team. Ask your friends to create a romantic scavenger hunt and return the favor if you want to spend the day vising the most romantic places in your city.

Best Ideas for a Creative Valentine’s Day Date

Romantic Valentine’s Day Dates

Nothing says romance more than a sexy massage. You can go to a spa and get a couples massage or stay in, light some candles and make sure it has a happy ending.

If you want a cheap but romantic Valentine’s Day date, find a recipe for a sensual dessert and bake with your partner. While it’s in the oven, you can share some strawberries and whipped cream, but don’t get full before you can feed the special dessert to each other.

A classic of Valentine’s Day date ideas, the picnic for two is great when you know a secluded place with a great view.