Guys often hide their feelings, especially on the first date or during the initial phase of a relationship. This time our lover gurus provide you with a few ideas on how to decipher some of the cryptic gestures of your cutie. Browse through our list of 8 things men just can’t stand to know more about the preferences of the opposite sex.

1. Impatience

This vice leads the ‘Can’t stand’ top list for guys. As a consequence, if you’re one of these people who just can’t wait too long for a reaction, experiment with a few tricks to control your temper. Abusive and impatient women are real no-nos for the majority of guys.

2. Infidelity

Men find it insupportable when their partner decides to seek love or other pleasures outside the relationship. Spotting any signs of flirting with other men can be also extremely annoying for them. Therefore, decide your purpose with your relationship and control your body language to avoid embarrassing situations and discussions with your cutie.

3. Women Complaining About Their Life

In spite of their ‘faux’ interest in your daily problems and issues, guys find it extremely annoying when you’re complaining about your career or financial situation especially on your first date.

Stop doing this and try to embrace a more positive attitude towards your lifestyle. Find at least a few funny stories you can share with your spouse or boyfriend.

4. Mean Jokes

Having a sense of humor is important. However, you should skip mean jokes especially when it comes to the physical appearance or behavior of your cutie.

Guys just can’t stand girls with a mean attitude. Moreover, these jokes can also trigger embarrassing situations. Master the art of saying amusing and less offensive jests.

5. Dishonest Persons

Dishonesty is one of the seven deadly sins in the eyes of men. If they see you misleading other people, they soon will become pretty suspicious. There’s nothing more damaging for your relationship than doubts and suspicions. Therefore, make sure you stay honest and skip bluffing for the sake of a harmonious love life.

6. Women With Anger Management Issues

Those who have serious anger management problems gradually push people away. If you struggle with similar problems, make sure you look for a cure. Experiment with different tricks and rituals you could use when feeling extremely angry. Learn how to handle delicate situations in a more gentle way.

7. Couch Potatoes

Men love to spend some precious time at home on their couch, however, in case of women, they are more attracted to active ones. Stop living a boring lifestyle and come up with ideas on how to make your life more intriguing and attractive. Guys always enjoy spending time with girls who like to experiment with both extreme and fascinating things.

8. Careless Hygiene

It may seem mean, however, guys just can’t stand girls who don’t consider hygiene a priority. Men love to see their significant other during beauty rituals. Glossy locks, perfectly defined features and radiant white teeth are only some of the most important things they pay special attention to. Therefore, re-think your beauty regime and see what else can you include into your schedule to look more attractive.

Things Men Just Can

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