Here are some interesting truths about men you certainly did not suspect.

1. Some men stop wanting to sow their wild oats.

We bet you didn’t see this one coming. It’s commonly believed that men find it hard to be faithful. We often picture them as wild stallions roaming free. However, according to a recent study, after 30, men have a strong urge to remain loyal to their partners.

2. They’re extremely concerned about who’s in charge.

OK, as interesting facts about men go, this is slightly less shocking. Boys start to feel the need for a stable hierarchy from the tender age of 6. Whenever there’s an unstable or less clearly defined pecking order, they get anxious.

Interesting Facts About Men

3. Men also undergo hormonal changes during their wives’ pregnancy.

One of the funny facts about men you would not suspect: when their wives are expecting, they too undergo hormonal changes. According to a study published in 2000, men’s prolactin levels rise and their testosterone levels drop during the term of their wives’ pregnancy.

4. Males become less competitive with age.

Studies point to other interesting facts about men. Men are notoriously competitive. However, according to a 2009 study, as men age, they slowly lose their taste for competition and become more interested in cooperation.

5. Kids benefit from daddy-play time.

Daddies have a distinctive way of playing with children. They tease their kids, play a bit rough and tend to be more spontaneous. Studies show that kids actually benefit from such types of play, which boost their confidence and prepare them for the real world.

Facts About Men Playing With Children

6. Men are highly protective of their territory.

Interesting facts about men: men are particularly prone to violence when they perceive a threat to their territory or loved ones. While some researchers attribute this to high levels of testosterone, the cause behind such a behavior has yet to be established.

7. Men are programmed to check out women.

Interesting facts about men which men can now invoke as an excuse: Men are programmed to check out female specimens. Studies have shown that testosterone impairs the male brain’s impulse-control centers, making it difficult for them to repress ogling impulses.

Facts About Men

8. Males are natural problem solvers.

Men are sometimes criticized for lacking empathy. In fact, their empathy is subordinated to the “problem-solving” centers of the male brain, which take control whenever there is a problem.

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