Often it can be hard to tell whether you made a dazzling impression on your date. Take a look at the 7 weird signs he’s into you, offered by dating advisers ready to arm you up with the best flirting tricks.

If you have great problems figuring out the body language of your cutie, it is highly recommended to skim through these fascinating indicators. Find out whether your crush has serious intentions with your blooming relationship.

No.1 He Starts Talking Like You

Believe it or not, this act can be either conscious or unconscious. Guys who are fond of their date will start using the same tone and even phrases their partner does. Scientific studies also demonstrated that this is one of the obvious signs a man falls in love with you. The explanation behind this act is to seem likable. Experiment with this trick and come up with a buzzword, you’ll use in the future. See whether he picks it up soon after the first date.

No.2 He Compliments You Even When Others Don’t

Love is blind! Therefore, don’t consider it ironic when he compliments you, even if you feel extremely worn-out and tired.

A bad hair day is no longer a problem in his eyes especially if he falls in love with you. Stay natural, your cutie will definitely appreciate it.

No.3 He Tries To Impress You With His Masculinity

Men often wish to create the best impression with their masculinity. This can manifest itself though the selection of a macho-style dish at the restaurant.

Hot foods along with steak are only some of the popular options of guys who want to engrave themselves into the consciousness of their date.

No.4 He Helps You Even If You Don’t Need It

Guys seem a bit clumsy and pushy when they want to help you without asking for it. However, consider it as the best sign that he starts to fall in love with you. Giving a quick massage or carrying your bags is the best indicator that he wants to be there for you.

No.5 He Can’t Concentrate

Don’t get angry when your date just can’t remember a few basic facts about your life. Scientific studies proved that men concentrate so much to make the best impression, that they lose their short-term memory. Play up your funny side when it comes to conversations that might seem embarrassing for him due to the inability to remember various details.

No.6 He Regularly Visits Your Favorite Places

You have favorite places you visit on a daily or weekly basis. If you meet him there and this is actually the first occasion you see your cutie there, consider his act an obvious sign that he wants to meet you more often. It might be a coincidence, however scientists regard it as one of the conscious gestures to seem likable.

No.7 He Tries to Touch You Without Any Reason

Guys seem a bit clumsy when it comes to flirting especially if you mastered the art of seduction. Don’t be surprised if your sweetie tries to accidentally bump you without any reason. Physical contact is important for men to get closer to you and minimize the chances of misunderstanding when it comes to their intention with your relationship.

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