Mixed signals and too sophisticated flirting techniques leave men puzzled. Therefore, it is a must to experiment with some of the following 7 tricks to seem approachable to guys. Pay special attention to your body language to make sure you attract the men of your dreams instead of the wrong type.

1. Seem Adventurous

Guys love to hang out with girls who are not afraid of adventure. There’s no need to engage in extreme sports or other dangerous activities. All you have to do is be willing to play darts, mini-golf or pool with them. This is one of the simplest ways to seem approachable.

2. Uncross Your Arms

Body language is important when you’re trying to attract the attention of men. Therefore, experts advice you to uncross your arms and adopt a confident and non-hunched posture. This way you’ll send a clear message to guys that you’re prepared for their initiatives.

3. Make Eye Contact With People

One of the most efficient tricks to attract men is to make eye contact with them.

Whether you only scan the place or you just pretend to wait for somebody, the point is to stop looking at the ceiling or the floor. Create the impression that you’re curious and you’re willing to get acquainted with new people.

4. Don’t Hold Your Glass By Your Mouth

Whether you do it unconsciously or you just want to hide behind your glass it is a real no-no gesture.

A similar act would only send the signal that you are not available and you want to be left alone. Therefore, control your behavior and hold your glass and hands on the table and not in front of your mouth.

5. Light and Bright Colors

According to numerous studies, wearing bright and lighter shades sends the message that you’re friendly and eager to meet other people. Sport clothing items sculpted of cashmere and velvet to add sensuality to your look. Test your flirting skills by using this simple trick and see the amazing results of your seductive project.

6. Smile

It may seem a commonplace but smiling is the ultimate weapon to attract the attention of men. Moreover, this gesture reveals that you’re having fun and you’re also relaxed. Guys notice if you’re nervous or irritated and they start looking for other targets. An honest and flirty smile is perfect to give your cutie the necessary confidence boost to approach you.

7. The Best Position For Talking

Date experts also warn you that it is extremely important to adopt the best position for talking. As a consequence, make sure you follow the crowd. When everyone is standing up, do the same thing or if your friends are sitting, make sure you avoid awkward situations by standing up. Secure the best conditions for a comfortable conversation.

Tricks to Seem Approachable to Guys

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