There are numerous studies that deal with the way men think when meeting attractive women. Those girls who are eager to find out more about this intriguing subject have the opportunity to read the following presentation of 7 things guys notice when they first meet you. Find out what your cutie thinks when seeing you for the first time or on your date.

No.1 Your Smile

Guys have a keen eye for an honest smile. Stay natural when meeting your cutie and melt his heart with a genuine and cute smile. Men are simply mesmerized by a warm-hearted and beautiful smile. Stay relaxed and radiate confidence using this simple trick.

No.2 Your Eyes

Don’t be surprised if he’ll look for immediate and long eye contact. This means that he is in the phase of recording all your best assets.

Your eyes can reveal numerous things about your personality. Men love glowy eyes that radiate warmth and sensuality. Skip dramatic makeup to make a real statement with your natural look.

No.3 The Thickness of Your Hair

Believe it or not, men are unconsciously super-attracted to girls with thick hair. Various studies demonstrated that guys associate voluminous locks with health.

Don’t worry if you have thin tresses, there’s no need to use teasing to make the best first impression, instead use other seductive strategies.

No.4 Your Cleavage

Sporting an attractive and decent decolletage is the secret to success. Guys will drop a quick glimpse on this spot in order to see whether you’re ‘properly equipped’. Don’t take it as an insult, instead learn how to bring out the most of your figure with a few simple style tricks.

No.5 Glowy Skin

Men are attracted to a glowy complexion that radiates health. Blemishes are real no-nos when it comes to first dates. Therefore, use the perfect makeup base to create the illusion of a revitalized complexion especially for the first date.

No.6 Your Shoes

Sport shoes that match your walking skills in order to save yourself from an embarrassing style meltdown. Guys take a glimpse at your shoes and see whether you’re a sporty- elegant- or glam puss-style girl. Stay natural and wear accessories that reflect your personality.

No.7 Your Voice

Scientific studies prove that men are attracted to unique voices in a higher register. This doesn’t mean that girls with a deeper and soothing voice won’t have the same success. However, it is essential to stay calm and control your voice to radiate confidence and make your date feel comfortable and relaxed.

Things Guys Notice First

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