‘Does he love me?’ This is one of the most common questions especially in the initial phase of a relationship. If you want to skip interrogation, why not read through our list of 7 signs a man is seriously in love. Read his body language and discover the real intention behind his gestures with this expert-guide.

1. The Perfect Presents

If your boyfriend offers you the perfect present, it means that he pays special attention to your needs and desires. These gifts don’t have to be too expensive and sophisticated, appreciate his gesture and the fact that he cares about you. Often men feel it a real burden to shop a present for their significant other. Your reaction will also make a huge difference.

2. Loves to Spend Time With You

Guys-only activities are often a temptation for men who are in a relationship. However, one of the clear signs that your cutie loves you is that he wants to spend more time with you. You’ve become his best friend and he’s eager to come up with special activities for just the two of you.

3. He’s Proud of You

Men often hide their feelings and avoid confessions. If you wan to find out whether he is in love with you, notice whether he appreciates your achievements, intelligence and other qualities. Guys may compliment your look but they save special praising for the loved one.

4. He Looks For Something You Have In Common

If a guy looks for something you have in common, it is clear that he likes you a lot. Men tend to do these things when they want to be part of your life.

He’ll often search for common things in your past, profession or personal life.

5. He Knows What Makes You Smile

Your guy pays special attention to his jokes and knows very well which of these make you smile and which are a bit offensive. Making you laugh is part of the preferential treatment guys offer only to the ones they really love. Notice how he treats other girls and how he behaves and flirts when you’re around.

6. Whatever You Do Interests Him

Guys often mask their emotions and use other techniques to show you that they care about you. Therefore, notice if he’s willing to talk to you about anything you’re interested in. Men who are in love will often want to impress you by listening to all your jokes and stories.

7. He Watches Your Expressions

One of the clear signs that a guy likes you is if he watches your expressions. Keeping eye contact while talking may seem natural, however, men who have no serious intentions with you would often look away to send the message of disinterest. If your cutie pays attention to your reactions, it is a telltale sign that he has strong feelings for you.

Signs A Man Is In Seriously In Love

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