You don’t have to be sad if you still ‘haven’t found what you were looking for’. It’s normal! Still, if you want to find out more about what love experts have to say about traits and things that could contribute to a harmonious love life, read through these 7 reasons you are still single.

1. You’re in the Healing Process

Girls often need more time to get over a past relationship. Notice whether you’re still fantasizing about your ex and you don’t feel the need to meet new people. Start spending more time with your friends and learn how to improve your love life.

2. You’re Desperate

Girls who are desperate to find their soulmate often scare away men. Going out with a new guy every week creates the impression that you lowered your standards. Get relaxed and exude confidence with your gestures, outfit and subtle messages.

3. You’re Afraid of Rejection

Those girls who are afraid of rejection tend to be too shy. It’s time to accept yourself and learn the art of seduction.

Confidence attracts people and allows you to flaunt your feminine side. Give people a chance to know you and forget about the risk of rejection.

4. You Listen to Your Friends

Your best friend has the tendency to make a quick profile of all your dating partners? Moreover, she tends to emphasize the weaknesses rather than the qualities.

In this case stop listening to her and rely on your own knowledge and intuition. Learn how to control your own love life.

5. You’re Too Busy

People with an extremely busy schedule may lose the chance to spend precious time with their friends and meet new people. Concentrate on your social needs and try to make some room for socializing.

6. You Flirt Too Much

Flirting with every guy can create the impression that you have no idea about seduction and elegance. Learn a few flirting tricks which land you in the spotlight and suggest refinement. Slow down a bit to make sure you find the right guy.

7. You’re Too Independent

Months passed and you’ve got used to the condition of being single. Those girls who became too independent will have serious difficulties in finding the person they can actually depend on. Bring out your feminine and vulnerable side to attract men who want to take care of you.

Reasons You Are Still Single

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