Boost your confidence with these 7 new flirting techniques which guarantee your success. Attract more men with your magical aura which emanates sex-appeal and refinement. Quit experimenting with dating tactics which can land you in embarrassing situations. Take things slow and learn the basics of seduction.

1. Guys Love To Be Teased

Experts advise you to ditch low-cut tops and dresses for the sake of your good reputation. Numerous studies demonstrated that guys love to be teased. Therefore, it is highly recommended to sport clothes with sophisitcated cut-out details at the shoulders or backless dresses which show a smaller skin portion and preserve your mysterious allure.

2. Look Upwards

According to the latest flirting studies, women tend to become the most attractive in the eyes of men if they slightly tilt their head forward and look upward. This is one of the tricks you can use to inject more sensuality and femininity into your look. Pay special attention to the reaction of men when you use this seductive flirting tactic.

3. Underwear Trick

Another study demonstrated that flashing our bra strap ‘accidentally’ can immediately attract the eyes of men. However, the color of our underwear can also reveal a few details about our personality.

According Dr. Beckmann, a laundry expert, black means sultry and mysterious, red equals energy and flexibility, nude means that ‘you have nothing to hide’ whereas pink means that you’re a person who needs more affection.

4. Too Much Eye Contact

Numerous researches were conducted in order to define the ideal number of seconds for a fail-safe eye-contact.

Experts revealed that one of the worst mistakes people make on a date is that they keep the eye contact for too long. If you want to save yourself from failure and embarrassing situations, remember that 3 seconds is the ideal time span to keep eye contact.

5. Choose An Exciting Date Scenario

Always choose date scenarios that keep you excited rather than bored. Guys appreciate if you have something to say about your hobby, favorite music and movies. It’s not necessary to agree with your date on different things, men are also fond of women who know what they want and have an individual opinion.

6. Keep Your Neck and Wrists Exposed

It may sound silly but body language is extremely important in the art of seduction. Exposing your wrists and neck will transmit a clear message to your cutie that you’re available. Play up your sensuality with this simple trick and control your body language. In addition to this flirting tactic you can also adopt a softer tone to emanate more femininity.

7. Ignore Him A Bit

Guys don’t notice if you’re too mindful. Instead of saying hello to him first, try to pay attention to his friends and then give him a warm smile. Men are lusting after the attention of an attractive woman. Play the ‘hard to get’ game on a moderate level until you’ll obtain what you want from your cutie. Experiment with this trick until you become a real master of flirting.

New Flirting Techniques

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