Using your clothing style and makeup are only some of the most popular tools to make yourself more attractive. However, women can be pretty creative when eager to charm the man of their dreams.

For this we can actually adopt a new identity and tell things just to make our loved one feel comfortable and relaxed in a relationship. If you want to find out more about the sneaky ways they use to impress their beaus, read through the top 7 most common lies.

1. ‘I’m NOT Sensitive’

Guys seem to have serious problems with gals who are too sensitive. As a consequence, girls will try to hide this weak point and will make numerous jokes on the subject of being sensitive. Stay cool and relaxed to make sure you radiate confidence. There’s no need to put yourself in embarrassing situations by over-reacting to various gestures and events.

2. ‘I’m fine with a flexible relationship’

In the majority of the situations girls tend to have a pretty cool attitude at the beginning of the relationship. Even if they want to spend all their spare time with their cutie, women manage to create the impression of a person who is ready to cope with a flexible relationship.

We often think that guys think of pressure as the worst thing that can happen to them when preparing for a long-term commitment. Give your partner space and try to look natural when taking advantage of this oh-so-popular and harmless little lie.

3. Imaginary Flirting Scenes

Girls often want to make themselves more attractive by showing their cutie how precious they really are. Telling stories about imaginary flirting scenes at work or at the club might seem pretty fun at first.

However, as the relationship steps to the next level it is wise to avoid sharing all these flattering stories with your loved one. Avoid jealousy by keeping a few of these tall-tales for yourself.

4. ‘I also need some privacy’

Often, girls are ready to share their whole life with their loved one. However, guys consider it extremely important to have some personal space. In order to make themselves likable, gals will also claim that they also want a social life and wish to spend more time with their friends or alone. Creating the impression that you are independent and you’re eager to give him some space will actually work wonders.

5. ‘I have many guys in my closest circle’

Men often look for a best friend, not only a lover. Therefore, they’re in a hunt for women who understand their needs and passion for various things. In order to make themselves more attractive ladies often claim that they have numerous guy-friends. Use this trick if you’re 100% sure that your boyfriend won’t be offended by the high number of guys in your closest circle.

6. ‘I care about your passion for….’

It seems that the ‘great conquering’ project can convince us that boring stories about sports and other hobbies are worth listening to. Girls are keen on making their cutie feel special and fascinating. Therefore, ladies often fake their way to success by pretending that they really care about the passion of their boyfriends for various sports or any other activities.

7. ‘I trust your taste for fashion and beauty’

Women have a special talent to make their significant other believe that they trust their taste for fashion and beauty. We often pretend to be enchanted by their gifts even if it doesn’t suit our preferences. In order to stay natural while using this tiny lie it is worth thinking about the good intention of your loved one and appreciate the gesture.

Lies Girls Tell to Make Guys Like Them

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