Find out ways you can let your sex-appeal and body language send clear signals of your affection towards the man of your dreams. Experiment with the following 7 flirting tricks no man can resist to boost the success rate of your dates. Update your seductive skills with a few simple tactics.

1. Watch His Lips

Date experts offer you the chance to master the art of seduction. Their advice is to watch his lips for 2-3 seconds if you want to send him a clear message about your intentions. This is one of the sensual gestures you can use to attract the attention of your cutie. A similar move suggests the fact that you would definitely want to kiss him.

2. Honest Smile

Guys love when girls reward them with an honest smile. Relax and let your tiny wrinkles around your eyes show when you smile or laugh. These tiny and apparently minuscule details make a huge difference. Man can easily spot if you’re offering them a fake smile just to seduce them.

3. Your Outfit

Recent studies demonstrated the importance of choosing the best outfits for dates. The results of researches revealed that guys love to see gals in feminine outfits.

Therefore, according to their opinion, you can skip sporting clothes like rompers, harem pants and maxi dresses. Emphasize your seductive side by sporting flattering and voguish ensembles.

4. Touch Your Collarbone

Consider this simple flirting trick to seduce your cutie without extra efforts.

Touch your collarbone sensually at least once during the date to send him a clear message about your intentions. Similar subtle moves immediately attract the attention of guys.

5. Never Cross Your Arms

This is one of the worst things you can do on a date. Crossed arms equal disinterest. Control your body language and sacrifice comfort for a few simple seductive tricks. Keep this advice in mind to make the best first impression on your dream guy.

6. Lean Back

If you want to radiate confidence, make sure you lean back. Guys notice if a girl is nervous and lacks confidence. Therefore, try to relax and have a fun conversation with your date. Body position can reveal several details about your personality and mood.

7. Leave Your Lips Slightly Open

According to numerous researches, leaving your lips slightly open is one of the most efficient and time-tested flirting tricks. Men love to watch your sensual lips and a little bit of your white teeth. Start practicing this maneuver to create a natural-looking and seductive impression. Use lip gloss or lip balm to add soft and silky texture to your lips.

Flirting Tricks No Man Can Resist

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