How to know if a guy is really into you? Skim through the 7 common signs guys show when they like you and find out more about his body language and personality. Learning more about the art of flirting is your key to ultimate success. Some men can be really hard to read, therefore, it is highly recommended to listen to the advice of numerous date experts.

1. He Acts More Respectable

Guys love to flaunt their funny side but feel pretty shy when the girl of their dreams is around. Therefore, if your cutie acts more respectable when you’re with him, consider it a clear sign of affection. Men like to show their mature side when they have serious intentions with women.

2. He Looks for Reaction

Are you the first person he looks at when telling a joke or an fascinating story? Then he’s clearly attracted to you! Guys often look for the first reaction at the one who is the most important person at the table. Pay special attention to his gestures and keep the eye contact if you want to make him feel comfortable and confident.

3. He Remembers Things About You

This is indeed one of the most flattering and cutest gestures your cutie could make.

Remembering things about you means clearly that you’re an important person in his life. Therefore, you can also test him with a few questions but make sure it won’t seem like an interrogatory.

4. He Rarely Turns His Back to You

Body language is one of the most important subject to consider when learning more about flirting. In this case if a guy rarely turns his back to you, he definitely feels attracted to your person.

Whether you’re at a party event or sitting at the table if he points either his pelvis or his shoulder towards you, it means that your cutie wants to concentrate on you only.

5. He Talks About Himself

Before you label him selfish, check out this interesting fact offered by date experts. According to love gurus, guys often start to talk about themselves when they feel embarrassed. Therefore, smile at him when he does that without making any hasty decisions. Guys feel the urge to show off their best assets especially if you start telling them more about another guy.

6. He Doesn’t Move His Leg When It Touches Yours

You sit at the table and your leg accidentally touches his leg. If he doesn’t change position to make you feel comfortable, it’s a clear sign that your cutie enjoys this subtle physical contact. Don’t be afraid, you won’t seem too pushy if you take full advantage of his gesture. Touching in this classy way means that he has a kind of affection for you.

7. He Likes Your Music

This is one of the most obvious and common signs that a guy likes you. If you tell him about your favorite bands and concerts, see next time whether he had listened to them. Guys often use this sneaky way to show their affection towards gals. Appreciate his interest in sharing special musical experiences with you. Let him know that you find his gestures flattering.

Common Signs He Likes You

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