Are you in the midst of a super-complicated situation? If you’re lusting after a deeper and more intimate relationship with your best friend, it’s time to read through the following 6 ways to make your friend fall in love with you.

These guidelines will offer you the chance to make your best pal see you in a different light. Experiment with these alternatives to see whether things will work out as you imagined.

No.1 Become His Best Friend

Listen to his problems and wishes. Be there when he is craving for support or help. Soon he’ll realize that you’re not only a shoulder to lean on but a real soul mate. One of the time-tested tricks is to make him feel special. Share your thoughts with your cutie to show your appreciation and your true feelings for him. Don’t scare him away with sudden moves. Instead, wait for an obvious answer that your relationship can be turned into something more.

No.2 Subtle Flirting

If you know each other pretty well, you’ll be able to use this simple technique. Flirting is a secret weapon to show your friend that he interests you on more levels.

Stay confident and play with jokes and compliments without ever adopting a serious attitude. Keep things relaxed and cool until he starts to think about the plan behind these fun situations.

No.3 Let Him Miss You

Spending tremendous amount of time with your best pal might not be the best strategy to turn your friendship into something more intimate.

Give him time to miss you, this is one of the best tricks you can use during your seductive project. 1-2 days without seeing each other will be enough to convince him of your value and place in his life.

No.4 Small Changes in Your Appearance

Guys are attracted by femininity and sensuality. Those girls who wish to attract the attention of their best friend will have to make small changes in their look. Make sure your complexion is flawless and use a tiny amount of makeup to bring out the most of your best features. Use your beauty skills to inject refinement into your appearance.

No.5 Don’t Treat Him The Same Way As Other Guys

Making your best friend feel unique is the best method to tie him to yourself. People are fond of feeling special. Therefore, it is highly recommended to show your pal that you trust him the most and you love to spend time with him more than with anyone else. This is a wise strategy as it won’t put a pressure on him. When he talks about his ex-girlfriends, make sure you don’t get upset. Instead, show a little jealousy, that’s still not that obvious and irritating.

No.6 Keep Your Sense of Humor

Boys generally feel more relaxed in the close circle of girls with a refined sense of humor. If you have the power to laugh on various embarrassing and annoying situations, you’ll attract more people than you think. Your best friend won’t feel any pressure when talking about serious, embarrassing or complicated things. This is the secret to make him like and eventually love you.

Make Friend Fall In Love With You

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