Finding out what exactly men want from a girlfriend or date partner seems a real challenge. However, the most popular love gurus have the answer to all your prayers. The 6 types of women men want to date below will offer you an insight into the way guys think of their future sweetie. helped iVillage do an amazing research on what gents really want. See which category seems familiar and if you can’t include yourself in any of these groups start thinking about adopting a new attitude towards dating and flirting.

No.1 Miss Best Friend

Guys like to be around girls who can be their best friend without putting a pressure on them. Make your sweetie feel comfortable during the dates and you’ll win his heart right away. Share your plans and wishes and give him the pleasure of spending some precious time together. Laugh at his jokes and befriend his close circle.

No.2 Miss Sweet

If you’re full of life and constantly energetic, you have the best qualities to be a top attraction.

Men are attracted to women who have the ability to handle problems and embarrassing situations with a joke or kind words. Stay relaxed and stay open-minded to various activities.

No.3 Miss No Pressure

Men can be easily scared away with the subject of marriage. Those girls who are lusting after spending more time with their sweetie without any promises of a long-term commitment will definitely serve as the perfect type of woman guys want to date. Pressure can ruin a blooming relationship.

No.4 Miss Personality

Beauty is not the only quality guys want to find in a girl. Personality is also essential as it can equal the lack of a super-sculpted silhouette and other assets. Show off your hidden intelligence and creativity during your date and charm him with your alluring presence. He’ll be simply addicted to you after a few dates.

No.5 Miss Straightforward

Communicative girls are a delight for men. Know how to confess your needs and problems in order to avoid embarrassing situations. Skip metaphors and indirect references to show him that you have a few problems with some of his gestures and acts. Be straightforward and show him you care for his feelings.

No.6 Miss Equality

Do you consider your relationship a real partnership which should guarantee the same rights for both of you? Then you’re definitely a sweet treat for guys. Chivalry is one thing and taking advantage of the generosity of a man is another. Girls who have a decent sense of equality will prove to be the best partners for life-long relationships.

Types of Women Men Want to Date

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